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Protivozasadnye action
Option firearms training program
movement of the DBR / DRG
Monitoring the movement of troops
Instruction on conducting exploration in
Observation of the enemy
Masking night
Reid intelligence units
weapons of choice for the task
Procedure inside buildings and structures
Ambush - antizasada: How to effectively oppose bandit sorties from ambushes?

Combined arms body armor or plate carrier. WHAT TO CHOOSE?

The tactics of fighting in the mountains
Recommendations to eliminate snipers
The war in the mountains: equipment, movement, tactics
The conduct of hostilities in the village
The concept of shelters and tactical methods of their use
Tactics use grenades F-1
Clashes in the forest
The shift away from the pursuing enemy
Features of the movement in the settlements
exploration Staff, stock, airfield.
Preparation scout for action in the rear prativnika
Especially in the mountain exploration
Surprises from SWAT
Some principles of organization and holding assault
Teamwork units.
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