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The shift away from the pursuing enemy

The fleeing soldiers, showed his back, – best target. Therefore retreat (retreat) should also be carried out on the principle of "one covers - the other runs". run, shooting ago, extremely inefficient.

At the commencement of the trail is possible following procedure: along the path the soldiers occupy the position of "one on the left, one on the right "at a distance from each other. When approaching the first of the enemy soldiers opened automatic fire and shoot all one store, then he stops the fire and immediately begins to run back down the path toward their. Running past followed by a soldier, He claps him on the shoulder and hitting the soles of shoes. This is a signal to open fire. Previously, the fire can not be opened, since there is a risk to hit your same. A soldier runs to the end of his unit, and occupies a position across from the last soldier. He reloads his weapon, preparing position and waits, until all shoot again not reach him. When the wounded soldiers, he pulls, located on the same side, that wounded, undercover soldiers fire, located on the other side of the tracks. The appearance of the wounded could mean, that the group will need for some time to stop and even turn into a line, to cover the withdrawal.

Note, that the waste in deployed formations must take place in order, reverse attack, but subject to the same principle of movement rifts "covers one - the other runs". The order of movement: Liboje otpolzanye in plastunsky or poluchetverenkah on without turning back Face, either on the ground rush with advanced face turning back. After graduating from the flight of, to cover the face of the other group should unfold to the enemy on the ground, rather than standing.

Depart ran back to the enemy, shooting ago, should only, if the soldier was alone. A single soldier to retreat back in the direction of very uncomfortable - he does not see, whither. In other cases, the waste should be used motion rifts.

Shoot better at night by the light of missiles, so less visible muzzle flashes.

Waste in the flank of the stretched chain units, if the enemy is firing at the front, in the following order. The first starts to move second in a row of soldiers from the flank, towards which the exhaust. he runs across (creeps) first behind the arc and took a new position in the chain. The rest of the group during his rush firing at the enemy. Left defected soldier position forms a kind of circuit. In his old position runs across the fourth soldier in the chain, and so on until crossing the last soldier who turned in early in the even position. After the last "even" complete flight of soldiers, odd numbers begin to run across - first first, then the third, fifth, etc.. As seen from the above description, for departing the flank formed of two "first - second", "third fourth" (the even - odd position), which move rifts. Departure at the flank unusual, because the enemy usually expects retreat. Following the same procedure, you can make bypassing enemy flank.

The withdrawal may be accompanied by retreating artillery shaft, following the retreating parts at a safe distance. At the commencement of the smoke used to be careful, as they – good guidance for enemy artillery, It really helps zero in on the off.

Night to cover the waste can be used stun grenades, that blind enemy, causing it to be re-vision adaptation to darkness.


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