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Recommendations to eliminate snipers

Active sniper fishing in conditions of street fighting among the ruins can not stand monotony is effective only if, when a sniper takes a devilish ingenuity – otherwise he would not kill anyone. Kontrsnaypersky fishing in the effect only through active and advanced collective search for enemy snipers. And as the practice, best remedy against sniper terror is a pre-emptive counter-sabotage and sniper terror. Obtained such things only as a result of aggressive offensive kontrsnayperskogo unit within the snipers with attached thereto saboteur-reconnaissance (or vice versa – razveddiversionnoy group with attached snipers, by setting events).

When kontrsnayperskih events can not be repeated patterns of action. Such activities are not specified in the Constitution. According to him no written instructions. Therefore infinitely brains falls and the commander of the group, and each of its fighters, and collectively. Approach to problem solving destroy enemy snipers need a Jesuit sophistication, showing maximum patience and caution, to avoid the oncoming bullet.

First of all, wherever you turned your unit, in whatever place it is not taken abroad, spend kontrsnayperskuyu prevention and not wait, until the enemy sniper starts you bitch. Window hole, curtained even ragged blanket, It makes shooting sniper on the window completely useless – he sees no purpose, which for this blanket is. You also have through holes in the blanket will be perfectly clear, what is being done outside. But do not come to these “viewing slots” Very close – You can give your eyes and shine “heaving” cloth. The author knew event, when a ragged blanket “inadvertently” Quaking old mop, found in an abandoned apartment, and it was caught swaying enemy arrows – He fired twice, and the third thereon bummed gun burst of BMP. open passages, breaches, communication trenches, which often have to be moved, hang thick camouflage net, So, to the part of the enemy, the network of transmission and is not to be seen, who is one of you for it is. On your part of these networks should be dark places. All open space “slip” on speed limits. Was not present in the gap, and the openings and do not hesitate too much to crawl – remain intact. always look, a background area is up to you and does not show in the ruins in dark clothes on a background of whitewashed walls.

If you need to sweep across the open place to smuggle the goods (details mortar, ammunition in a box, etc.), it is better to make a light jerk, slipped a dangerous place (or crawl), and then lend a heavy object on the rope.

As it has been said before, all the little rags, bandages, shoelace, ropes and other “wrappers”, linked and swaying in the wind, They are a weather vane for the enemy sniper. such developing “wrappers” allow him to determine the strength and direction of the wind in your area, and make appropriate corrective amendments in shooting. Therefore, pluck and destroy all, that is suspended and waved. In the city of T. near the position for several days “waved” female stockings, and inquired of the men for a long time: “of … he's hanging?” Stockings hung for two days, and during that time there killed six. seventh killed, When he reached the stocking shoot. therefore, when you are taking weathervane, Do not put a shot. And remember-if on your side of the weather vane was not, and he suddenly appeared, then he hung his reconnaissance of the enemy. possibly, let your scouts are hung on the adjacent side of the pinwheels.

If your friend was wounded in the open, it can be a sniper bait and come to the aid of him may be the next victims of the sniper. But you can not leave the wounded – it is necessary to evacuate. In the city to apply for this armor is dangerous, because it is easy to ignite by, and not always it can drive because of debris and destruction, cluttering the entrance. Therefore wounded endure momentary jerk, a smoke screen, and intense fire in the cracks and loopholes on the side of the enemy. In this case, those, who pulled out injured, You should have, more protective armor – broneschitkov, bronezhiletov and t.d. In the same city of T. under such circumstances, the wounded carried, being covered by lids manholes.

If the part of the enemy slammed gratuitous shot, and a bullet hit the wall, Polyubopytstvuyte, whether near this getting any noticeable stains, defect masonry and other things, what can be “latch on” by firing – Snipers often so being targeted by landmarks tuned for shooting distance. They do this because, that the city and top-down shooting distance always seems less real about 1/8. Summer heated air acts as a lens, often “approaching” aim for the same amount.

enemy sniper – although he is a bastard, but a living person, and good shooting position favorable for him to choose is not easy. Remember this, and try to think of the enemy sniper, how and where it is more profitable to shoot, where he can take refuge, and where he could find a purpose or purposes of aggregation. Evaluate the specific situation for him and think of him. The headquarters for the one you think will not.

Any normal commander, when his unit took abroad where whatsoever, immediately exposes enemy observers to establish emplacements. By this observation immediately connected and snipers. Observation is done not through binoculars and scopes, and periscopes any structures, For watching binoculars are more likely to become a sniper prey. When observing the cutting edge of the enemy to study every square decimeter. It always show up cracks, embrasures and ambrazurki, shaded places, depressions in the foundation and walls, of which can be fired. A sign not only sniper, but the firing position can generally be cleared for shooting arc of fire (cm. Illustrations). By installing any suspicious and, in principle, suitable for firing-slot recess, It does not prevent for preventing derail it from antitank grenade, mortar, BMP shooting guns, even if there is no sniper. Or when a diversionary sortie from the side to stick to a piece of TNT on a long stick – not to be thrown back. Or just fire intermittently so often by-embrasures cracks and dark places. Such prevention saves unnecessary temptation opponent shoot from these points. Necessary, to enemy sniper was afraid to approach him, especially in front of your offensive and during it.

Any observer must be observant. Trained observation needed “zasekaty” any gaps, embrasures, large and small construction debris on the adjacent side were yesterday and what appeared today, after a night (and sometimes in the afternoon after an hour), and that after a night of change in the arrangement of objects on the side of the enemy. Loopholes and gaps can be closed off from the outside any improvised flap against the penetration of bullets and splinters, often some metal object or plugged construction debris, but, so that, if necessary, these “cover” and “gag” could easily “fork out” out. Therefore, it is necessary to determine by visual memory, any gap was not closed and which suddenly closed, and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Trained observation will identify changes in the terrain, typical for sniper positions Equipment. Kontrsnayper immediately appreciate the landscape of the scene, architecture ruins, especially the location of large and small construction debris, passes, openings. Depending on the calculated location of the sniper. for example, a dark window opening sniper must be sought in the right (from you) bottom right corner – because, it is natural for the sniper hideout (corner of the window, the sill and the wall) They will be left of it, if it is, of course, shooting from the right shoulder. Similarly, the principle of looking for the sniper and construction debris – it will be predominantly on the left of them (you cope), exposed to fire is only part of the head and shoulder. Therefore general direction at a possible attack by a small group on the object to be left-to-right, nayskosok, to your soldiers out from under the fire sector of a sniper. He will have in trying to “catch” for the purpose of “to turn out” from behind cover and inserts a bullet kontrsnayperskuyu.

enemy snipers do not always sit under the concrete slabs and the fire of the slots – fire sector while small, such positions are safe for sniper, but poor results for firing. Snipers best results at all times achieved only when shooting with open positions, which occupy secretly and covertly they are up for the right moment. Very often reveal such a position allows daily change lighting. During the day the sun illuminates the position from different angles. position, occupied by a sniper in the morning and shade, with a favorable light in front of goal, when you move the sun can be very disadvantageous for the sniper and profitable for “hunter” for this sniper, which from the night “zakonservirovalsâ” on a flat and open area, It turns out in the afternoon in deep shade. Very often it turns out, that the enemy day “zakonservyrovavshyysya” in the shade and even in the folds of the terrain, with the movement of the sun suddenly lights up and even offer side, Once virtually defenseless. Very often, at the same time give him the glare of optical devices, which also occur and are moved when you change the lighting. Read all of these possible changes in the light for a specific area and you will suddenly open very interesting and useful things.

When changing the lighting can be changed even disguise – It appears obvious contours of disguised or camouflaged positions silhouette.

Fight in the city is dynamic, and boundaries are not static. Dislocations friends and foes at the same time remind “layered cake”, and the opponent is often the side. Do not forget about it and when viewed more often pay attention to the flanks of the enemy. Possible shooting the enemy sniper “oblique fire” in the direction of places, which can not be seen from the front. In this case, the sniper can get you in the bends of the trenches, communication trenches and, it would seem, secure hiding-place, shooting from the most unexpected places. Therefore, in case someone got shot out of their necessarily speak with eyewitnesses, themes, who at the time it was shot down near. They always tell a lot of interesting and useful.

Enemy snipers often operates under the guise of a noise burst or explosion – look for it somewhere near the place, where shooting a machine gun or something it exploded when shot down.

When detecting any suspicious slit, from which it can, in principle, to shoot the enemy, we must try to imagine, that may be because of this gap (perhaps, it's just a chaotic jumble of heavy and large construction debris, under which it is difficult and it is technically impossible to equip the position). Is there any of this gap, and the pile of debris, in which it is formed, move to the cross-country, basement, sewerage network, and think, whether such a move to build and how much time.

If the gap is in a heap of debris or soil, it can be connected with the sewer network . If possible, it can be (and need) elaborate on the trophy technical plans. Such technical plans, captured spies during the capture of Budapest, Belgrade and Vienna had our advancing units invaluable service.

reconnaissance, that day and night to climb in on the enemy front edge, and directly behind him, will render a great service to their, if you identify and clarify the possible position of firing on enemy snipers presence near them marks and other signs of a visit: spent cartridges, empty cartridge boxes, bandages. If the scouts brought back a captured “language” (or simply taken prisoner), he was immediately necessary to interrogate and learn as much as possible about the snipers, their positions, style of work, etc., while this is not a captive dragged on, for questioning by the high authorities. Then it will be too late for you. Solve your interest directly on the ground.

Sniper always prepares several positions. It is very useful to set the sequence in which he takes them. defining it, It can be a sniper or a commando ambushed on the way of movement of the needle.

From the combination of observation results, intelligence, interrogation of prisoners is possible and necessary to predict the long-term space positions of enemy snipers. This allows you to constantly carry out prevention against them – undermine the position, sabotage raids, principles, mining of the host in the absence of, light grenades, thrown to the position at the right time, any blinding method, tear gas, grenade launchers, large-caliber long-range rifles, concentrated fire of several sniper rifles on the slot, but mostly – remote-controlled explosives inside the building.

When fired from a slot, you have to imagine the possible architecture of the buildings and start a grenade from a grenade launcher in any other slot – right or left of manifested itself loopholes. In what direction to fire? Shoot must proactively to, where there will be greater freedom of maneuver for the enemy. It is useful to look at the enemy position from a different angle – and very often to be found “slabinu” in his defense. Practice known case, when a sniper, shooting from a basement window, after the shot popped up in the basement corridor and was hit by a grenade, which launched for the prevention of this corridor in mechanical hallway window.

After, studied as an opponent, You can do so, that he would be afraid to stick his nose. Very good effect in the fight against the enemy sniper in the city reached a collective work of the group of snipers. Acting in agreement with each other, 3-4 sniper couples can dissipate the attention of the enemy sniper (showing him with dolls of different directions alternately), provoking a single lamp, “schekochuschym” nerves enemy, and from different sides of the same collective concentrated fire “clamp” enemy sniper and kick him in the right direction for a shot. Or divert his attention and shoot sideways, where it is open and does not expect the shot. Or tight maneuvering fire sniper put that in the blind spot, cutting off his retreat, and let it sit there until the night, afraid to pop out. Night on the escape routes he will wait for someone from our saboteurs with night sight on the silent rifle. And sometimes, to such “catchy” arrow, who hopes to sit in a safe place, make the leap Group (cm. Further) and clog it with grenades. In the course of events, and other options may be. Above them, we must think and think, think of all the staff kontrsnayperskoy group, and they learn how to do it all the time, quickly and on the go. Along the way, may be the most unexpected and original only right decision.

In practice there was a case, when enemy snipers “smoked” from the basement of an ordinary police “cherry”. true, They sketched it there so much, that was still days can not go into the cellar ten.

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