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How not to choke when running – Militarytimes
Five major strategic mistakes of the Third Reich – Militarytimes
Eight feats of Russian tankers
psychophysical training
Fundamentals of the theory of shooting
defense Tula
As a resourceful commander stopped the German armored column without a single shot
How to fake typhus epidemic saved the Polish city from the Nazis
General Vlasov: The price paid for the betrayal
Germans, who reached the Volga
Seven short wars of the XX century
Ardennskaya operations

Combined arms body armor or plate carrier. WHAT TO CHOOSE?

“Armani” – yesterday tank
As the Red Army there was a red star
As Russian sailors hijacked aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”
Operation “fitful wind”
In the shadow of the Tupolev
"Black Day" in the history of the GRU Spetsnaz: fateful battle near the village of Kharsenoy
Russian Asian islands
Leonid Govorov: tsarist officer and commander of the Red
Another Lend-Lease: SUV Dodge WC-51
Tales of arms: armored train BP-43 "Kozma Minin" and "Ilya Muromets"
Kazakhstan in World War II
Tales of arms: our armored train. Part 4
How the “underwater terminator”
Another Lend-Lease. foreword
As a betrayal of Gorbachev has created a unique missile system
The market in the siege of Leningrad: testimonies of survivors. Part 1
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