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As Russian sailors hijacked aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”

Как русские моряки угнали авианосец "Адмирал Кузнецов"

The first real Soviet aircraft carrier

The ship was built at a shipyard in Mykolaiv in 1982 year. its construction time fell on the lush years of perestroika, which is reflected in numerous name changes already ship. In the project it was «Soviet Union», zakladыvalas «Riga», float «Leonid Brezhnev», I have been tested «Tbilisi». In October 1990 the cruiser was renamed the 4th and last time, pond «Admiral Kuznetsov». In January 1991 Ships enrolled in the Northern Fleet, it raised the ensign. Officially «Admiral Kuznetsov» It was not the first aircraft carrier of the Navy of the USSR. already floated «Minsk», «Kiev», «Baku» and «Novorossiysk». However, the ships of the previous series were carriers VTOL. In fact, these were helicopter. In contrast,, on «Admiral Kuznetsov» based traditional scheme planes fixed wing. He was the first and still remains the only full-fledged aircraft carrier as part of the Russian Navy.

Kravchuk: «This is my carrier!»

24 August 1991 The Supreme Council of the USSR adopted the Act, proclaiming Ukraine as an independent state. Together with the Act was accepted by the, obey all military units, stationed on the territory of Ukraine, new state. In November 1991 the cruiser was tested at Feodosiya. In one of the last days of autumn commander received a telegram signed by Leonid Kravchuk, announces cruiser owned by Ukraine and enjoining him to remain on the roads of Sevastopol pending relevant government decisions. The officers were perplexed: why Ukraine with its Black Sea ocean cruiser? And on what basis she is claiming a ship, assigned to the Russian Northern Fleet? However, there were among the officers and such, who was not averse to change Russia's northern sea to warm Ukrainian Black. Oppressive uncertainty heavy fog covered cruiser. military people accustomed to obey orders waiting, what decision will the policy and the high command. From the Arctic telegram, in Sevastopol flew Vice-Admiral Yuri Volodya — First Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet. Officers were looking forward to the distinguished guest.

Hijack an aircraft carrier for the 60 seconds

1 December about 21:00 Admiral with Ukrainian surname boarded the cruiser. Shaking hands with the crew and the disbanding command, Volodya ordered the Captain to Captain I rank Yarygin urgently raise anchor and go to Severodvinsk. To the remark Yarigina, What's on 2/3 officers and warrant officers are on the coast, the answer «On poezde catch». «And our planes, remaining on coastal airfields?» — «Sammy fly». The uncertainty is over. Someone at the top has decided not to give Ukraine cruiser. AT 23:40, without turning on the running lights, in pitch darkness «Admiral Kuznetsov» I left the road and headed for the Bosphorus.

Sailing adventure

Bosporus went smoothly, and in Gibraltar cruiser met an American carrier battle groups. The Yankees began «put pressure on the psyche»: helicopters and planes flew over the ship, each time simulating combat attack, Vehicle training course threw bombs. Not paying attention to these maneuvers, «Admiral Kuznetsov» walking, without changing the course, but the mood of the officers and sailors were dirty: none of the officers and men did not know, if all the bombs will be educational and will not be whether the next set of American combat aircraft? The mood got better, when near the cruiser appeared patrol «Provocative». True to its name, patrol he began to scare Americans their maneuvers. Baton escort the Russian ship Yankees handed the British frigate, and the – Norwegian patrol. It lasted more than three weeks of transition. 27 December «Admiral Kuznetsov» moored in Severodvinsk.

destiny carriers, Ukraine inherited

The Ukrainian media saga cruiser is still referred to as the theft of the Russians Ukrainian ship. But the sailors say, what «Admiral Kuznetsov» just had the wonderful destiny. Just look, as Ukraine ordered to get her wealth. Heavy aircraft carrying cruiser «Kiev» Ukraine sold in China, It makes him a pleasure ride to the hotel and restaurant. On 2/3 built «Varangian» sold to the Chinese for 20 million dollars for the world's largest floating casino. The Chinese did not make the ship gambling house, and added onto the ship and renamed «Liaoning». «Varangian» He became the first Navy aircraft carrier China – China pride and headache of the US Pacific Fleet.

Founded on the Nikolaev shipyard with the same type «Admiral Kuznetsov» «Ulyanovsk» Ukrainian authorities, and not being able to finish, cut into scrap metal.

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    the author's nonsense. Everything sucked from the finger. 2 December 1991 of the year, about 13 hours Kuznetsov moored in Vidyaevo. He left Sevastopol 24 November. the transition was planned for 1990 year.

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