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Jews of the USA and Russia are allies or rivals.
Greens and bureaucrats freeze Europe
Ukraine is disillusioned with Europe and dreams of cheap Russian gas
Technological breakthrough only deepened political backwardness
Learning to live with covid in other countries, and our authorities are trying to manipulate him
Electronics will hit the pockets of Russians
Handelsblatt: US may close gas exports to save the economy
How a party from the street immediately went to the State Duma.
Could retirees take care of their pension
maybe, this was the last election
Why is Kiev so scared by the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation
Russian submarine fleet will be replenished “frets”.
At the walls of Leningrad, in the sky over Ukraine… September 1941
Will Russia be able to abandon oil and gas
The time: gas prices threaten the British with Christmas without heating
Jewish happiness for Ukraine
Alexander Rogers: Why Russia needs a new socialist party
Helium breakthrough of Russia, unification of chargers and St. Petersburg electronics
Ukraine will accuse Russia of attempted assassination of Zelensky's assistant for the sake of new anti-Russian sanctions
USA covid fencing, death shaming and medical examination for those who have been ill
Russian “Pike”, after Libya, settle in the deserts.
Alexander Rogers: Psychological portrait of a mass murderer
masks reset. Erdogan does not recognize Crimea.
Danger Council: how Turkey tries to undermine the UN
Bloomberg: The USA uses the gas situation against the Russian Federation
After the completion of the SP-2, Ukraine was left without gas
Default will leave Americans without pensions: investors are ready to buy securities at a loss
New military unit AUKUS: US leaving Europe to fight China
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