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Russia plans to create a long-haul airliner to 2030 year

Russia plans to create a long-haul airliner to 2030 year

Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov spoke about, that domestic designers and engineers are working on creating their own long-haul airliner. This aircraft must be ready for 2030 year, informs "RIA Novosti".

“We do not stand still in relation to our own developments: The Zhukovsky Institute is working on researching new technologies", the minister said.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade added, that Chinese specialists took part in the development of a wide-body long-range aircraft. Taking into account anti-Russian sanctions from the collective West, the bilateral Russian-Chinese project will be amended accordingly.

AT 2022 reported, what the Russian Government will invest in the United Aircraft Corporation (OAK) nearly 900 million rubles to create a Russian long-range wide-body aircraft. Control over the implementation of this project will be carried out by employees of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Federal Property Management Agency together with specialists from UAC.

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