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Varyag Feedback. On preparation.
Varyag Anti-shatter pad on the helmet to protect the back of the head.
Varyag About physical training and motivation
Varyag Honest test harness "Fest"
Varyag Turnstile "Light". St. Petersburg
Varyag basic military training. Making and leaving the line of fire.
Varyag First aid kit second tier
Varyag Feedback. Equipment, training, training.
Varyag First echelon first aid kit.
Varyag Hemostatics. Classification, kinds, application. Lecture from Gepoglossa.
Varyag Poncho sleeping bag TRANSFORMER CAPE-BAG, EXPERT-TEX
Varyag Applying a dressing for a chest wound using a conventional PJI.
Varyag Boots Faraday "Taktik"
Varyag self-help. Applying a rubber band to an injured leg.
Varyag Save position when wounded.
Varyag Bandage on the head with a gauze bandage.
Varyag "Wagner" / The author is Vika Tsyganova
Varyag Basic First Aid Course in the BD Zone. 2
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