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Vectorkel Good morning, friends, we begin to publish photos from exercises “Arctic-2021”, from which our large team returned safely. By our team, I mean all active participants in this insanely difficult exercise., but still I will broadcast exclusively on my own behalf, how your humble servant saw these teachings, so i was not an observer, but a direct participant in this event. I will post and such “carousel” with some comments and some pictures . I want to start with these photos, for contrast, because they perfectly convey the spring mood with which we flew from Grozny. It was degrees 15 heat, warm spring beat in the face, beautyaaa. Well, when the ramp opened “Ilyusha” в Норильске… The mood was completely different, working. About this in the next part..
Vectorkel Hello, friends, teachings “Arctic – 2021”, who walked for exactly a month on the Taimyr Peninsula, come to an end.
Vectorkel Hello, For more than two weeks now I have been in the northern latitudes of our Motherland and can tell you about some of the nuances of working in extremely low temperatures. By low I mean temperatures -40 -50 degrees centigrade and below. Of course I was already in Franz Josef Land, but for some reason it was not so harsh.
Vectorkel Our “birds”, it was with these two sides that we flew from +15 (formidable ) at -50..(NORTH). But nothing, we are already used to. Soon there will be a lot of photos and more! Internet is not always available, more precisely, it practically does not exist, first of all I will post on Instagram, if not signed, then here it is , and only then to the cart and VK ! Before connection!
Vectorkel Frost and sun, wonderful day….. “Overboard – 36, feels like – 50” – this is the kind of weather information they gave us this morning, but I will say the following, there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes and equipment, so the phrase of Alexander Razvedos comes to mind Alexander Arutyunov – “Equip correctly”
Vectorkel Well, friends, already quite
Vectorkel My friends, on this day 4 years ago, Ancient Palmyra was finally freed from all filth. This is a unique place, which remains in the heart forever. I know, that there are people among my subscribers, who are also in love with this place and without which this World Cultural Heritage Monument would most likely cease to exist. I will say on my own :-“THANK”. Shake your hand .
Vectorkel More archived videos from the same camera
Vectorkel So – So, winter ended unexpectedly and the beautiful month of MARCH has come, what does it mean? Correctly, it's time to turn our calendar! And last March there was one of the most interesting and difficult shootings in my life., this
Vectorkel Yesterday I found an old one in the nightstand
Vectorkel Backstage from the set of Hitman. Take a look
Vectorkel Today there will be a photo reportage with the Iskander
Vectorkel The engineering staff of the air regiment completed training
Vectorkel Good Friday everyone
Vectorkel Something like that ,
Vectorkel Our #the siloviki week continues. This time SOBR “Halzan”. Greetings to the Crimeans!
Vectorkel Well, our #week of siloviki continues,
Vectorkel A car – beast, really like “Typhoon – TO”. Very comfortable, excellent protection class, clearance clearance, and in traffic jams as convenient .
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