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Vectorkel We did a great job yesterday with St. Petersburg
Vectorkel The main thing in our business –
Vectorkel Tomorrow I'll post photos from the exercise “Hostages”. A very difficult and very important exercise, because it is also based on real special operations, which went down in history, Alexander Razvedosaaa will tell you about all this in more detail , a bit crazy about his work in competitions, it seemed, that a little more and he himself will go through each exercise, I was very pleasantly surprised. Man busy with business, not stories about, what a cool and demanded specialist he is and a champion in all disciplines. Let the force be with you, Alexander!
Vectorkel Well friends, we are starting to upload photos from the VIII Open Championship of the Chechen Republic in tactical shooting among power units, dedicated to the memory of the First President of the Chechen Republic Akhmat – Khadzhi Kadyrova at the Russian Special Forces University Itcsf .
Vectorkel Friends and comrades, there you are
Vectorkel horny friends, “Lelik and Bolik
Vectorkel Perhaps one of the first photos
Vectorkel A small promo video from the competition
Vectorkel Well friends, a week ago international competitions among mountain divisions ended “Elbrus ring-2020”. Well you get the idea, what the coolest guys won, no, not the same as in the photo, we were just given to hold the cup in the helicopter , although in some ways we are definitely winners, This is not a show for you to shoot at the proving grounds near Moscow, here you have to go straight and be prepared for many not quite standard situations, may many fellow photographers forgive me.
Vectorkel . The newspaper "SPETSNAZ RUSSIA" and
Vectorkel We continue to talk about international competitions
Vectorkel Airborne Forces team during the competition
Vectorkel And here is the photo report arrived in time,
Vectorkel And here is the photo report arrived in time,
Vectorkel by the way, August has come! Flip the calendar!
Vectorkel Today marks 90 years since
Vectorkel . Russian Defense Ministry today at
Vectorkel Today “Alpha” marks 46 years.
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