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Vectorkel Something I ran out of winter photos, so we will remember spring, well, winter is still in full swing, and in the next week you will find a couple of photo reports from the snowy forest, with heavy equipment and guys in interesting costumes! Good Friday everyone and hello to some very interesting guys in ANA Tactical outfit – tactical clothing and equipment
Vectorkel The scouts of the 2nd brigade are watching from
Vectorkel Good morning, friends, as, met?
Vectorkel All, “shot” this year.
Vectorkel And there are fewer and fewer calendars. Hurry up to grab yourself a copy! . Link below or write in a personal.
Vectorkel Well friends, here's a small video from the filming of a blockbuster. Real Hitaman Alexander Razvedos in his new look with a great rifle from Bespokegun. As usual, Movie camera guru Komanem creates another masterpiece!!! How do you? Want to see the full version?? Follow @bespokegun. All a good night, friends.
Vectorkel Well, friends, from today everyone can purchase our wonderful calendar. You choosed 12 wonderful photos from business trips of your humble servant. I am very happy with the result!!!
Vectorkel I thought for a long time whether or not to upload these photos for the month of July, the competition was too modest “Open water 2020”. There was no usual aviation and a huge amount of various equipment, you know, fucking covid ruined many plans, but it would not be very respectful of my favorite engineering troops not to mention them in our calendar, but if there is not a very good response, then I will change the photos to others, it all depends on you, Dear friends! Left a little, our calendar will be ready soon!
Vectorkel My friends, it's time to choose a photo for next month, this time september. For a very long time I shoveled archives from Elbrus, filtered three times, too many cool pictures, gigs 300 reviewed and selected these. It's hard to choose one, so LET'S GO.
Vectorkel My friends, just a little bit left and our calendar will be ready! Today we choose a photo for October!
Vectorkel Well, friends, home stretch!
Vectorkel Well, friends, now it’s the finish line! Choosing a photo for the month of December, Yesterday I went behind the scenes on purpose and was freezing on takeoff hours 10 for that reason, to catch the same frame for you, doing you! The choice is difficult as always, and ask me to help me comrade Fighterbomber , I myself am for the photo number 7. There is a sun and two more planes in the background… Well, GO, FRIENDS. Everything as usual, choose a photo and put it in the comments or .
Vectorkel Well, friends, we continue to create our calendar with you. Today we will choose a photo for a month – June. remind, that the parade was moved to 22 June, accordingly, the shooting was exclusively on this topic. All the power of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, beauty! Go!
Vectorkel A little bit “black” humor .
Vectorkel Well, friends, we continue to create our calendar with you. Today we will choose a photo for the month of April. This was the last shoot, after a couple of days the world changed and began to include restrictions due to covid… Go! As always, choose a photo and write in the comments or .
Vectorkel My friends, continue to choose a photo for our calendar! This time we choose a photo for the month of March. March was one of the grandest business trips of my life(actually, when working with the Russian University of Special Forces Itcsf does not happen)-this is a five-day snowmobile march around Lake Baikal! It was very cool, Baikal remained in my heart for life, I think, that you need to choose a photo from this trip! Well, well, go! As always, choose a photo and write in the comments or .
Vectorkel Another bomb shot, new
Vectorkel The power and strength of the domestic artillery! The holiday is in full swing! Especially for you, my friends, Movie camera guru created this video! Enjoy the power of the Russian Artillery! We have a lot to be proud of. Three Hurray and of course Three hundred… Thirty… Triiiii. Go!
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