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First aid for wounds
Pre-medical assistance to the stage – evacuation.
Lectures on Military Medicine
types of shock: painful, cardiogenic, hypovolemic, infectious toxic shock. General principles of first aid for shock
First aid. Point clamping of the arteries.
Emergency medicine
protivoshokovoe SET
Gather your styling! Urgently and quickly. In the experience of working there, where scary!
First aid for gunshot and stab wounds. Very useful video! (eng)
Celox IT IS AND HOW TO APPLY? (video)
tactical medicine (video)
tactical medicine
tactical medicine.
Tourniquet on the leg / arm injured in the red zone
Overlay arm tourniquet victim
Tourniquet on his foot in the field
tactical medicine.
How to sew the wound, remove sutures
SLP kit from Hardingusha (@hardingush)
Yuri Evich – aid for wounds in the chest
How to remove the bullet. Types of gunshot wounds
MILITARY MEDICAL TRAINING – great stuff, considering a whole range of medical topics, various injuries, medications.
that “cyborg” in the medicine cabinet?
First aid kit tactical hiking – подсумок Condor First aid kit
Tactical SWAT kit, survival kit
First aid scout
Hematoma. A small splint on health care.
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