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Celox IT IS AND HOW TO APPLY? (video)

What is Seloks?

Seloks stops any life-threatening bleeding, including blood, acting locally on the source of the bleeding.

product description

Bleeding is the main life-threatening and the most dangerous consequence of many wounds and injuries. Wherever you are faced with an issue of blood - in a medical facility, during combat operations, during sports, in field conditions or at home, You are required to prompt action to stop life-threatening bleeding and to prevent the irreversible consequences. The main cause of death in road accidents is irreversible and incompatible with the life loss of blood. For any bleeding, a special role belongs to the rapid and precise action, aimed at the implementation of hemostasis and prevention of fatal bleeding.

Advanced technology in local hemostasis, which until recently were only used by foreign intelligence services, are now available to Russian citizens.

Seloks - a highly effective hemostatic agent, which stops any kind of life-threatening bleeding in just 3-5 minutes.


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