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protivoshokovoe SET


Use pain in traumatic shock. Tri vial type in one syringe and an injection intramuscularly or subcutaneously in the not affected limb.

The composition of the kits:
1. Dexamethasone - prevents the escape of blood from the blood vessels into the tissues
2. Ketorolak trometamin (ketanov) - a strong painkiller
3. Kordiamin - stimulation of cardiac and respiratory activity
4. Alcohol wipes for injection (70% alcohol)
5. Syringe sterile disposable 5 ml.
6. plastic Containers

First medical aid is to maintain vital body functions, which is used for said medicamentous preparations, perform procaine blockade, infusion therapy is performed.

After the evacuation of the affected antishock measures immediately to provide skilled medical care.


Traumatic shock - symptoms: Cold sweat, pallor, cardiopalmus, ragged shallow breathing.

The order of necessary actions:

1. Open the ampoule, focusing on the designated line-sawing.
2. Sequentially fill the syringe with the contents of three vials of drugs.
3. Extrude the remaining air from the syringe.
4. Possible to treat alcohol-soaked cloth place for future injections Disinfection.
5. Vertically puncture syringe into the muscle is not affected arm or leg affected to a depth of 2-3 cm.
6. Slowly enter the contents of the syringe.

Attention: Drugs are not drug, used exclusively for civilian purposes. A set can only be used upon the occurrence of traumatic pain shock.



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    Hello, where to buy this set?

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  • anonym

    I don't know everything, that shock shock strife (at least you have it on your site) and they are treated differently.…
    And only a few even read the instructions for the given drugs..
    Here is a good article on the subject which might make someone think.

    26.04.2022 at 18:51 Reply
  • anonym

    Hello Svetlana Please tell me where you can buy a container

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  • anonym

    Hello Svetlana Tell me where you can buy container antishock set.

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  • Sveta Kozlova

    it is necessary to know! Thank you for the informative article! really hope, that for many it will help in a difficult situation.

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