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SLP kit from Hardingusha (@hardingush)

HARD notorious Ingush, He also MOLONLAbE, He publishes his pharmacy PMP.

Three main principles :
1. First aid kit should always be.
2. Clearly marked with a red cross.
3. It should be located at the front. - SLP kit from HARDINGUSH. hardingush

On the first point, I think, issues will arise. on the second – in an emergency there is no time to dig into the pouches, trying to figure out, and which of them first-aid kit (and first aid to you is always the contents of your own first-aid kit – what is going to be there, so you and will.

Front it must be because, that if smostoyatelnogo care, you should be able to reach it with either hand at any position. If you see a fighter on the medicine cabinet back or side – he loh. - SLP kit from HARDINGUSH. hardingush
Now about the internals. As I said, assistance is provided fighter contents of his medicine chest. himself, favorite, I have tried to provide quality health care quality devaysa.

Therefore, most of the contents of first aid kits – I come from the US. From left to right: individual dressing package (very convenient bandage oneself with one hand), powder “Celoks” to stop bleeding. And last in the series – catheter tseloksom for shrapnel wounds and torn – also stops the bleeding). - SLP kit from HARDINGUSH. The soldier hardingush pro
Tube with ampulami (anesthesia), bandage (for minor injuries), tourniquet – katovsky turnstile. Located right in the firing position – you can quickly apply with one hand. But he has a minus – twisting the stick in the cold can break. But now, like there already with metal.

A packet of disposable gloves, syringes, Esmarch tourniquet (Unlike the alpha is not torn, and bigger size ), stryeptotsid, energy gel, marker (necessarily need. After examination of the victim must immediately circle the bruises on the body marker – If cyanosis come abroad, the doctor will understand, that there is internal bleeding. Plus required for writing indelible information on his face: tourniquet time and the type of anesthesia administered), flashlight – see the reaction of the pupils and scissors – to clothes with trembling hands, not with a knife cut to the affected risk. scissors US, just to cut and designed garments. - SLP kit from HARDINGUSH. hardingush
There is nothing superfluous and everything you need. In the backpack I still wear a drip of saline (if doctors to be far, Dropper will not leave veins) and additional APIs (Our standart sheath for pnevmatoreksa), additional three-meter bandage, impregnated tseloksom, and a spare set of anti-shock. - SLP kit from HARDINGUSH. The soldier hardingush pro

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  • Nazar

    Good day!
    sensible article! All site.
    Is the complement of bundles:
    – better than a tourniquet, and several (a lot of them do not happen) 2-3 PC.
    – our Soviet tourniquet blood from hand slips. (Specifically, the situation was – We could not stop the bleeding until your employee did not give the turnstile. Although, do this and you can not))
    – Look RATS-tows. Now “in fashion”) In combat do not have to apply. But we tried in training – comfortable, reliable, simple, fast, compact, lungs…
    be healthy, guys!

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