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Image of Victory

Image of Victory


15 months lasts SVO. Soldiers are fighting, and bloggers write. Everything as usual. Warriors became popular. In theory, they should reflect, what's going on at the front. Reflect objectively. And here he learns, what is that hai, who often rises against them, caused by or by, that they do not objectively reflect the situation or that, that the situation is real, and they write the truth.

Another problem is micro-attention to detail.. There is a global confrontation, and we count tanks by the piece. Yes, it is important. Every life matters. But when the continents move, I would still like to see a picture of the world, and not a fight for the checkpoint, which for a year it did not occur to anyone to turn into a small fortress, as is customary in Asia and Africa.

Need a picture of the world. At least such, which we received every Tuesday on political information, reading "Pioneer Truth".

Image of Peace. Instead, we savor the fall of Biden and Zelensky's drug addiction.

Or maybe, the image of the world is too cool for us? Or maybe, we really degraded to the level of a micro-collective? And a family of three, and with friends you can’t even play football, and in the office no one goes outside the department - there are already strangers.

Here we are stuffed with news company there, company here.

How to present it, what did the chief say: denazification and demilitarization?

At first there were a bunch of articles and one-day speeches. Now it's less. The authors try to open the topic, but their treatises are weaker than the two original words. Therefore, we and the enemies remember Putin's directive, but, what to do next - we are lost. Yet again: And we, and enemies.

everyone understands, that it is the denazification and demilitarization of the enemy that will lead us to Victory, but representations, how will it be, do not go beyond the kitchen conversation.

Images of our progress and Victory, admittedly, primitive. Not writers, nor directors, no game makers have been able to make a single work for a year, which would reveal the essence of NWO, the Kremlin's wishes, the quintessence of Victory. Like over the global West, and over the Nazi saloreich. There is no image, which will become a classic.

Andrey Batov managed to create a chic tactical image "The Best in Hell". And all? To him, whether, one hope? What will he then draw for the public at the operational level, who we believe, then strategic, global?

But then what about the mighty team of bloggers-philosophers and their leaders - politicians?

Or maybe, the image of Victory is, but it can't be discussed publicly, like fight club? The Kremlin forbids.

But why then the opponents of the Kremlin (they, who are not masochists and necromongers) they themselves will not give him to the mountain? The Kremlin does not paint the image of Victory, So, can, Silbertrud instead, Borovskikh or Shevchenko will sprinkle it?

clear, that the image of the Victory in the NWO is closely connected with all our genetic Victories. And in Patriotic Wars, and in civil, how sultans and friedrichs were smashed.

But NWO is not like any of the past wars, and maybe that's why the deck of images of our old victories does not fit her?

But even if we take and consider our historical baggage. Victory - the capture of Berlin. Great, Great, Super Image!!! But what if sooner or later a comparison comes up: Stalin won the Great Patriotic War against Europe, but Stalin had the first two economies of the world in his military allies - the USA and the British Empire, and Putin seeks to defeat the absolute hegemon with henchmen. The Soviet people lost up to 30 000 000, and the Russian people will go to the Oder or the Elbe, let us say, at 2025 year with half a million losses. Then, as a result of the Victory, we received Koenigsberg by giving Bialystok and Przemysl, and now we can return a million of our square kilometers.

There will be a problem here: victory in SVO, can overshadow the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

And if Putin does not allow that, so that European integrators cut out 20 000 000 women and children, as last time, then there will be no trouble, and there will be no Trouble - there will be no Victory, will Victoria?

And other images of Victory - the capture of Paris, eg. Already more modest. Somehow the Soviet teachers didn’t draw a line from Tarutino through Leipzig to Paris in our children’s brains.. Victory over white - no date at all. And so is the enemy. The whole essence of the whites is the flight from the Crimea, nostalgic Lube, from Arkhangelsk and Vladivostok. by the way, very similar to today's paid Ukraine.

At all, from all three main forces, who opposed us in Ukraine in 1919–1920: white, Petliurists and Makhnovists - it is the image of whites that best suits modern Ukrainians. The same Russian officers at the head, the same suction from the West, the same desire to sit out in cafes on the boulevards, and g ... apparently in the trenches let Ivans and Mykols knead. again, and those, and those expelled from the Crimea. Now it remains from all of Novorossia and Little Russia to the Russian Voivodeship (Lviv) inclusive.

Compared to the outskirts of the whites, Makhno and Petliura are grassroots movements. The wild cry of the black people, crazy from the impotence of power. by the way, very good for maidans, for punitive operations. They can't even create power - so, partisanism. Very dangerous, but still partisan.

But today's Ukrainians absorb all the images, and just the same, how last time Petlyura scored a bolt on Ukraine and became part of the Polish Army, which we, Unfortunately, lost in 1920, in the same way, the current leaders of the Schweinstat are considering this option. I hope, on all these finished ones there are Schwarzburds and Zemlyachkas.

Summarizing the above: we really need art, creating a kaleidoscope of images of Victory. maybe, these books, games, films will be perceived by us only until Victory is achieved, and then put them on the shelf, like Soviet films of 1941–45. Then, on their basis, the children of war who grew up - the new Tolstoys and Sholokhovs, Mikhalkovs and Shukshins will make other masterpieces, who will tell the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, how it was…

But the real image is space, not straight.

If we write a real book, with the plot, not the linear example 1+2+3+4…, the, no matter how funny it sounds, we still need an image of the victory of the enemy. And since this hydra is about forty heads, then you need to describe the image of victory in each of the little heads, starting from Xavier Bettel closing his mouth to Zelensky and to the collective brain of a golem under the skin of Biden.

Images of victory in the minds of Yermak, Syrsky and Budanov. The Image of Victory in the Remains of the Bodies of Zaluzhny and Budanov.

by the way, incredibly surprised, why russian bloggers, journalists, the presenters did not ask about the origin of the surname "Budanov"? Indeed, for a resident of western Ukraine, there is only one persistent association - a mental hospital, which in Soviet times specialized in children with criminal inclinations or who committed crimes, but declared incompetent.

It's a shame not to know this about the future zombie commander-in-chief or even the supreme Khokhlostana. About British blue unearthed, and here they are so crazy.

And along with the images of victories in the book, images of defeats are also drawn.. We must draw an image, what defeat will look like for Ukrainian generals and officers. Will they rush across the steppe, like a driven Old Man Makhno, will they go to work as porters, taxi drivers and girls to the best brothels in Paris or get shot in the brain in an acid stupor, like their favorite Fuhrer?

Also, no matter how patriotic it sounds, we must also think about the image of our defeat. From which we must sail as far as possible and not approach, like a funnel of a deadly whirlpool. And if someone takes action, which are written in the image and lead us to defeat, - on the count of such a bastard!

These are military pictures..

But they are followed by the image of the world in the Russian general governments. What will he be?

You can start small here.. There are many designers in the same Tiktok, who praise themselves in every way, how creative and successful they are. I do not argue. Money in our capitalist society is the measure of everything. But since you're so cool, draw an image of the city of Wagner (Artemovsk/Bakhmut). What will prospectuses look like?, parks and squares, what houses will be on its streets? What kind of schools will teach little wagner children there? How will veterans tell them about, how evil spirits were exterminated from the Russian land? And the most dangerous: will the Nazis and Bandera live in the city, and in the cemeteries stand monuments to them with tridents and swastikas?

Grandma told, that in the Great Patriotic War and after all the cemeteries of the Nazis and henchmen were destroyed. The earth was being plowed, and barren trees were planted there. Because if in the district they recognized, that somewhere on the Germans there are apple trees or bushes with berries, then from such a village in the regional center in the bazaar they could not buy anything.

And about Artemovsk. Whatever the name is Soviet, Donetsk, ours. But that image of Comrade Artem, who, in his notes, outlined the commander-in-chief of the southern republics Antonov-Ovseenko, makes you think about the choice of Fedor Andreevich Sergeev, live in our time.

Then Kyiv. Considering, that "Wagner" took the city of today's Military Glory 9 months, It can be assumed, that in order, to get to Kyiv, only on the left bank of the Dnieper it will be necessary to take more 26 regional and 5 regional centers along the way, and this is several decades. Well, you can throw a dozen on the capture of Kyiv. It seems as if there is nowhere to rush - you give liberation to 2050 year! But since it can already be assumed, that Kyiv will be turned into ruins in the same way, like Artemovsk or Miryanka, you should ask, why not start drawing his new image, because the old reality from the cluster of ten cobbled together areas will simply be erased. Let the contest entries represent something beautiful, where will the park be on the embankment, not power steering with autobahn, where mothers with strollers will walk in the botanical garden in the now closed areas, instead of wallowing drunken military, where the grass without ticks will be given to the kids, not cars, machines, machines…

It's like no meaning. But live with the way, that tomorrow will be joyful, light and happy - somehow easier.

And the image of a new life for the entire liberated part of Russia - where is it? Okay residents of the territory, which was once Ukraine, - you can beat them up. The need to use resources optimally forces this. But what kind of world to draw for girl teachers, tax girls, police girls, who are from Samara, Nizhny or Derbent will come to improve life? Money? Much money? Career? It's all wonderful. But, Alas, satiety of the stomach is followed by the needs of the mind and soul. Who will give them to them on the new old earth?

Leisure is an illusion of Paradise. Dreams of beauty. Barbecue in the meadow, behind the contour of which is a fairy-tale world with fairies and unicorns. Riding to the horizon with hope - maybe there's something there. Climb the highest mountain, to feel the universe.

All this needs to be learned and taught..

And you have to take into account, that we never got out of the degradation. If Putin was able to stop the fall and somehow taxi to an acceptable support for the country (population growth as the main criterion - still very small), then the inhabitants of the territory, which was once Ukraine, are rapidly degrading. And before you start leading them to God, should at least try again, possibly, make them human.

And here are the Russian girls, who came to enlighten Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and will live and work in such a breaking environment.

After all, the path from degradation to creation, oh how hard. A vomited pig in a stinking puddle is much easier.

Here you recall the Strugatskys' prequel to The World in the Afternoon - The Land of Crimson Clouds.. They dreamed of flying to Venus. Yes, as a child, I was sure, that at least by retirement I will fly on a tour to the moon. To her, right now…

Instead I'm thinking now, how to survive until 2050, when the Russians liberate Kyiv, and so that my children learn and not forget the Russian language.

Instead of conquering worlds, you have to fight for a piece of bread (Income is actually going down and down.) and for normal communication. Protect that, which in Soviet times was considered an unconditional basis.


Kyiv today.

1. It's good to take sleeping pills and not hear the sounds of war at night. wife complains. Work colleagues say, that you are already accustomed to waking up at three in the morning, go to the kitchen, to drink tea, and then at four - go to bed to fill up. they say, that with such a regime they will not last long. Here it is necessary or a day off on Wednesday to do, to sleep off, or somehow negotiate with the Russians, to postpone the shelling for a day. Plus the weather is so good.. so, nobody does anything. And doing nothing in squares and parks will be doubly pleasant.

2. Kyiv is under construction. Saw an office building, which will be handed over by winter. New roads are being built.

3. Cafes and restaurants are full. There are tables, but it's hard to find a table by the window. Many vacationers on Podil, and this is just one and a half kilometers from the beaten GUR.

Once, in a conversation over beer, he said the word “war” to a friend - he interrupted me: What kind of war? Look around, look at these people. Looking at them, you see some kind of war? No. War is there, where is the war. Here she is not. She won't show up here, even when Prigogine takes Chernigov or Kharkov. All also convertibles will dissect, while girls go without a bra.

So if you swallow pills and don't read the net, there really is no war.

Sergey Klimov,

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