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“Russian “A group of military specialists” Asian islands

Perhaps, it is worth saying a few words about, why these unobtrusive guys deserve, to be mentioned. At first, techniques, which they used in the training of local specialists. Secondly, The very idea of ​​organizing the defense of the object using the sniper group is unique in its kind and is used only by a few specialists, the likes of which is hard to find, not only in Russia, but in the world. Thirdly, the contract was carried out in compliance with international and local legislation, without the involvement of third parties in the form of states or organizations, wishing to receive their dividends from the project. But first things first.

Employees of the "Group" arrived in the country in 2017 year. The task - training of local specialists of the government troops and organize defense of critical infrastructure.

Question – why you chose this tactic to protect objects?

Answer – Because it allows to optimize the use of resources seriously, first human when performing service and combat missions. This is a time of high technologies, multimillion army – is yesterday. A sharpshooter prepared and gunner – it is always technologically. For example, in the Israeli army did not attach particular importance to fighting, it is more important fire training and shooting exercise. They are more important to keep your soldier, but that at the same time he carried out the combat task. This does not mean, that the physical training there are not overlooked, of course not. But dogfight – this is more for special forces.

Question – but as with physical training at your snipers?

Answer – sniper – this man, who not only physically prepared, a man with great physical endurance. It is true there are some nuances…

Question – eg?

Answer – eg, sniper prohibited from working with weights, no weights, rod. Hand the sniper should be easy. dumbbells on 5 kg – maximum. else squeezing, horizontal bar. Particular attention to the exercises for vestibular, necessarily an obstacle.

AND, the way in our group there are no such positions, as a sniper. There are only instructors to prepare them.

Question – and who may even become a sniper and that it is necessary for that?

Answer – sniper is primarily a certain type of Higher Nervous Activity. This phlegmatic or with a penchant for sanguine, or vice versa with a predilection for sanguine phlegmatic. But in no case does not brake. I had to communicate with their classmates, which training units involved in the preparation of snipers. Criteria terrified me. If the question is how many six-seven people and thought lost with the answer, he was sent to the sniper division, and the rest, faster uptake in the in the preparation of offices for the unit commander of special forces and intelligence. Sniper priori – this is the, who can quickly take! He is obliged to keep in mind all the tables amendments and elevations, quickly and correctly to do calculations in his mind. He do not have my calculator.

The high physical endurance I have said – not everyone can in all weather conditions to remain for a long time at his position, often even with a minimum of mobility. And the sniper must be able to read a map and navigate the terrain without a map. I should be able to become invisible..

Question – camouflage?

The answer of course.

Question – and that includes training in disguise in your group?

Answer – come to us, if you will pass the selection and subsequent training – learn (laughs). And than – we are not only preparing snipers, but the gunners. Because our concept sniper must work together with a machine gunner. And without the cords with a machine gunner is a clear decrease in the entire efficiency of their operational use.

Question – Namely?

Answer – Consider the action of the group of remote containment – sniper attacks and departs. A machine gunner covers his departure. The enemy is distracted from the main task, It begins the persecution of the group and at the time of his second sniper attacks, which also departs after the attack under cover of machine-gunner. Then the enemy attacks the third group, fourth. The enemy understands, it is pointless to disperse its forces and chasing these groups and returned to their original positions, and everything starts from the beginning, it again attack, etc..

But this is only in relation to the protection and defense of objects. At all, we prepare snipers and machine gunners, not only for this, but also for the conduct of combined arms combat. Where gunner including can act as bait for enemy snipers, and it keeps track of our sniper, which in turn covers the other gunner. And sometimes a sniper can cover and the calculation of the AGS-17.

Question – and what goals the sniper in priority?

Answer – Sniper task is to commanders, enemy sniper, Heavies, grenade throwers. calculations ATGM. But all individually, anyway, despite, that each sniper inherently individualist, a task he still puts commander. And yet all the features, combined-arms combat in open terrain is one, fighting in the village – this is another. And work a sniper in the police special operations and counter-terrorist operation is quite another. For each category of combat employment of sniper and shooting practice exercise their, customized.

Question – costly mistakes sniper?

Answer – looking, that call failures. There was a case, in Tajikistan, when the spirits of our machine gun worked. By gunner began to work our sniper. But the goal could not hit. However, seeing the enemy machine gunner, that it carried out the fire, I understood, that it is possible sniper and then I change positions and move to another location. But there again began to work a sniper and he again changed his position. As a result, the machine gunner in general was forced to cease fire and withdraw. Our no casualties. Steel sniper present, what, why gunner left? Sniper young boy confused. And in fact – in any case, he fulfilled his task. His actions, he repulsed the attack of the enemy and prevent the loss of the division.

Question – What experience in your combat snipers…

Answer – trainers.

Question – at your instructors!

Answer – Someone else with Afghanistan. And – everywhere, where after the collapse of the Soviet Union were the hot spots. Tajikistan, all fighting in the Caucasus.

Question – Donbass?

Answer – No comments.

Question – your instructors, during his military service used samples of domestic small arms. And then you have to use as domestic or foreign firearms for training?

Answer – for the professional does not matter what weapon. Because the laws of ballistics and physics apply to all weapons without exception,. For our specialists need a short time, to get acquainted with foreign weapons. "

A source: Private military companies (PMC)

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