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How not to choke when running – Militarytimes

How not to choke when running - Militarytimes

Running prodolazhet remain a part of the lives of soldiers of all armies. clear, that the special forces in combat should rely on their quick feet. And because running long distances (in the shape of, weapons and on time!) for special forces — the rate of the training process…

Human cardiovascular system when running is experiencing serious load, it causes shortness of breath. Inexperienced runners do not know how to control your breathing, Pants, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the training. And when the women's middle and long distance is especially important to breathe correctly, allow oxygen to reach the vital.

The process of breathing while running is different for different people, and therefore it is necessary to choose the best option just for yourself, on the basis of previous practice. However, there are general rules, you should follow proper breathing.

1. BEFORE YOU RUN MUST do breathing Workouts, during which not only easy to prepare to run, but also stretch your muscles. Make simple uprazhnenich (the slopes, squat, twists), breathe, when the chest is compressed, and exhale – when it expanded. If you started doing stretching exercises, the need to exhale at the end of.

2. While running, controls breathing, to understand, how breast department you breathe. Runners often involve the upper chest – at a good speed it is clearly seen hard vzdymaeyuschuyusya chest. BREATHE «belly» OR BY IRIS, pre-work-out to run. When you need a little inspiration to inflate the abdomen, to the lungs filled with air. Go slowly on this type of breathing not only while running, but also in everyday life.

3. BE SURE, TO AT 1 Breath and 1 Exhalation you're doing 3-4 STEPS, Although you can start with the two-step. It is necessary to breathe rhythmically, at regular intervals. Breathe smoothly and quietly, and the emphasis is on the exhale. If you find it difficult to maintain the necessary rhythm, Follow him at first when walking, reduce the running speed. For check, try to talk while running, – if there is no problem, you're moving at the right pace.

4. BREATHE When running NEED ONLY NOSE, – especially outdoors. Someone gives advice to inhale or exhale through your mouth, but it is not only to privodzhit, the runner starts to choke, but also seriously pollute the tonsils, lungs and trachea, which lists the dust and dirt, supercool airways. If you breathe through the mouth while running, when it's cool, you can easily get a cold or other infectious disease.

Leonid Shvetsov: Running teaches to overcome difficulties

Live video channel Pravda.Ru visited participant of two Olympiads, champion of Russia in the women's distance supermarafonskuyu, twice champion of the legendary Leonid Shvetsov Comrades ultramarathon. Athlete talks about the benefits of running, the secret of success of African runners, the essence of the natural running and overcome difficulties on marathon distance and in life.

How not to choke when running - Militarytimes

Leonid, toah, you have reached the point, that they decided to run Comrades? After all, before you were running marathons usual.

– Before I ran marathons and shorter races and was quite successful in them. I – participant of the World Junior Championships in the women's 3 thousand meters steeplechase. But the road running, the asphalt has always attracted me, although I do not know why. I 15 years is already running 10 km mileage. So the marathon is attractive, that it is possible to achieve greater, without such natural qualities, as a finishing speed, which I have. Read more…

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