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How the “underwater terminator”

Как создавался "подводный терминатор"

Like a shark. Due to the revolutionary technical solutions submarine could catch up and hit any target, it also could not hit no one. Alfa creation (the name of the submarine by NATO classification) It changed the world of underwater combat tactics, high-speed torpedoes and rocket-torpedo the US were born thanks to the submarine.

The only weapons 705-year project was a torpedo, six vehicles in nose. The submarine was designed to hunt for enemy submarines and dueling situations. In aviation, such devices are called fighters. Before designers tasked: create a submarine, able to evade weapons. To this end, a special resolution of the Central Committee and the USSR Council of Ministers SKB-143 (Now SPMBM “Malachite”) allowed to deviate from the rules and regulations of military shipbuilding, if they can prove the need for such measures. The designers task is completed.

The boat turned a small, with a displacement of just over 3000 tonnes, with a single screw and a compact streamlined deckhouse. rapid outlines “Lyra” It resembles a large sea predator – eg, grampus. Titanium body is markedly reduced weight and submarine, dramatically increasing the speed and maneuverability. The design incorporates a revolutionary submarine at the time the decision.

The reactor was a metal coolant. This has created a lot of problems with maintaining its operating temperature, but full travel from place Boat developed per minute. The power plant has turned out light – reactor mass on 300 tons less, than other Premier League, – and compact. In this design complexity “Lyra” He entered into legend. virtuoso welders “Sevmash” bent mirror using electrodes and, to conduct seam jumble of cables and pipelines.

Management submarine maximum automation (mechanized even galley), allowing the crew compared to conventional submarines declined vtroe.Otsutstvovali watchmen in the compartments – control of all parameters of the systems was carried out from the master station. A military change consisted of eight people. On “lire” first appeared -with escape pod crash crew crossed the pop-up control room. for 20 years of operation of this type of submarines they are not killed a single person.

– We have highly professional crews: 24 officer, six warrant officers and sailor-cook. And when not pervogodok sailor sits at the console acousticians, and the last fire, and thin captain third rank – it detects such goals, who do not will detect no electronics, – said Alexei Potekhin, He commanded the eight years of one of the “Lire”.

Good publicity submarine made the American novelist Tom Clancy. In his novels Alfa described as the evil genius of the American submariners, immune and deadly. Able to get away from enemy torpedoes and catch any ship “Lyra” He has earned a reputation. Under water “Lyra” minute accelerates from zero to 41 site and at full speed could for 42 a second turn on 180 degrees.

A favorite pastime of the Soviet long-range aviation pilots was to scare the American carriers. Track down the order somewhere in the Atlantic, Tu-95 hedge-stalking and roared passed over the flight deck. Aviators photographed the enemy equipment and showing portholes in friendly gestures. Analogue underwater fun (and at the same time combat mission) It was the persecution of American submarines. The US coast “Lyra” glued to the Left on alert missile submarines and pursued him for weeks, not allowing to reach the destination area.

Especially for “Lyra” a pneumatic torpedo, Enables you to shoot with any depth, and who later became famous rocket-torpedo “Squall”. It is considering the option of equipping submarines with ballistic missiles, but it required a major change submarine design and the strategic version refused. “Lyra” remained underwater fighter, titanium shark.

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