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Surprises from SWAT

Surprises from SWAT

For, to hold the enemy, in the way it moves, you can set a trap- crossbow with automatic weapons on the banner.

This type of trap is not only striking the enemy, but also creates the illusion, that persecuted stopped and went on the defensive. Machine should be directed towards the likely appearance of the enemy and tightly tied to a tree in two places. Example, it's desirable, to rest in a solid footing (that weapons are not swayed by the impact).

If you need, weapons to shoot with a fan-shaped dispersion, the machine should be strengthened on flexible trees or bushes.

When securing weapons note, that nothing prevented the movement of the bolt when firing. For these traps using the wedge bolt, should not be used in PKM- the peculiarities of its construction. This kind of weapon should jam the trigger.

preparation of weapons:

stretch stretching in the way of the enemy;
to attach a stretch wedge (a cylindrical piece of wood length 2- 2.5 cm in diameter 1-2 cm);
attach to the machine equipment store;
doslaty patron in chuck;
put a translator on the automatic fire;
take the bolt carrier back slightly and, inserting a wedge into the crack, wedge bolt forward movement;
click to failure trigger and lock it down, tied to the pistol grip strong cord;
mask machine.

Сюрпризы от спецназаДля того, чтобы

Сюрпризы от спецназаДля того, чтобы
ATTENTION. for AKS0 74 wedge length should be 2- 2,5 cm. When the trigger breaks down at length with cocking, but the striker does not reach the capsule. For other types of weapons wedge length chosen experimentally, at the same store at the time of selection is not connected.

Spectrum artisan min- traps and surprises vast and diverse.
We chose the most simple and easy to manufacture. To install that use standard items of equipment and does not require special knowledge and skills. Besides, disclosed methods can hardly be used by criminals, terrorists or other criminal elements.

Author: Tony Smith
A source: Preparing special forces soldier. NPC “Health of the Nation ".



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