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Especially in the mountain exploration

Especially in the mountain exploration

surveillance. When operating in the mountains of observers and observation posts are located on the commanding heights with great vision and a small amount of invisible fields. However, not every high point can be a good place to observe. To observe the first selected places, which are of good close-minded.
Should not be placed to monitor directly on top of the mountain (topographical crest), more profitable to choose the place for subtle observation on the slopes at some distance from the top. When placing observers about local objects should be placed and observe the shadow side of things. Not recommended for observation occupy trees with nests for birds, shouting and disturbing the flight which can unmask the observer.

Before the start of monitoring in mountain areas need to understand ahead of lying settlements, where he goes every trail, code names and landmarks typical local objects (вы­сот, vertices, gorges and t. d.). It must be remembered, that in the mountains the distance to the local landmarks and objects strongly masked. At each observation post is advisable to have the invisibility field scheme and to take measures for the organization of an additional monitor them

The safest place for observers is the trench. But to equip it in the mountains, especially in rock, not always possible Therefore, it is necessary to use the stones observation post for equipment: they form the parapet, and then covered with soil and carefully disguised. Position for the observation post is advantageous to equip the stones and boulders on rocky slopes, where it merges well with the surrounding terrain.

At night, some observers recommended to place at the foot of the slopes and heights in such a way, to watch from the bottom up, and see the enemy in the sky, undetected. When observed with the use of lighting the area must take into account the formation of shadows, hiding enemy movement.

Watching in the mountains at night is complemented by eavesdropping. The sound in the mountains increases sharply, especially in fog, by the river, depending on snow conditions, as well as after the rain in the morning, when humidity is increased. However, the organization of eavesdropping must be borne in mind, that sounds in the mountains often change the original direction (mountain echo) and reach a scout from, opposite the actual positions of the source.

The task of listening post is placed on the ground, usually, before nightfall, with this point, which shows the place, intended for eavesdropping. While serving as scouts arranged triangle (angle forward). Older, usually, It is ahead. Responsibilities are distributed as follows: one listens to all, what is being done in front of him and to the right, the second - in front of and to the left, third - behind. Such a procedure makes it possible to eavesdrop on all sides, not spraying attention.

Ambush in the mountains is more favorable to arrange roads and trails, passing through the narrow valleys, gorges, ravines and forest areas. However, advancing along the mountain roads and trails are not recommended, not to fall into an ambush itself and not be detected by the enemy. For concealed extension to the ambush best use difficult parts.

Ambush may be arranged as a day, and night. Night ambushes are on the enemy's staggeringly, demoralize him, but in the conditions of the mountains they require good training, natrenirovannosti and coordination of intelligence activities. Day of the ambush, stealth action promotes itself terrain, and daytime conditions allow to operate more smoothly and confidently.

Placed in ambush in operations in the mountains, Experience shows, advantageous as follows:: group attacks is closer to the road, тро­пе; the rest of the staff should be placed on the slopes of hills in two or three places in such a way, to sweep the area the appearance of enemy fire all funds from all sides and provide the action of attack also on all sides; на­блюдатели, If there is visible ways to approach the enemy with at least one place, can not be appointed.

The scouts may ambush well as to inflict loss, hold reserves, impede the movement of the roads and trails.

When the action in the search for one of the most important conditions for success is to ensure that hidden and silent exit scouts to the object. For this purpose, the distance between the soldiers during movement must be such, to protect the transmission of command (signals) hand touch, on the cord (rope) or other quiet ways. Развед­чики, designated for capturing a captive, We should strive to occupy a more favorable position, providing an attack on the enemy from the top down.

If plaque is also advisable to attack from top to bottom, move, Using the dead space. In full view of the enemy you need to move dashes or jogging, in the dead space - at an accelerated pace or jogging, and close with the enemy should roll or climb of.

scouts, acting as lookouts, in the exploration of the gorge (gorge) special attention should be paid to inspection heights, located on the sides of the gorge. To do this, they rise to the heights of the slopes on both sides of the gorge, and carefully inspect the gorge (canyon) from above. 'Sentinel, acting on the bottom of the gorge, move slightly behind the sentinel of the following heights. Particular attention is paid to the examination of the rocky talus, piles of large stones, bushes and other places, where they can be placed ambushes or enemy observers

Inspection settlements, located in depressions (gorges), should be made from the slopes of the mountains lying beside In the first place should be thoroughly explored mountains, which is scheduled to inspect the town, remember, that the enemy in the defense of the village defense builds, usually, the surrounding heights

During the exploration of the route in the mountains scouts should carefully inspect it for detection of mines laid landmines artificial rockfalls, landslides, etc.. d. The most convenient place to create such barriers are narrow stretches of road, sharp turns, serpantynы, hanging cornices, etc.. d.

Pass inspected more groups (in pairs) sentinel simultaneously from the front and from the flank, since adjacent to the pass height

Due to the limited review, lower rates of reconnaissance, and also because of the difficulty of maintaining a stable communication signals and radio sentinel removal can be less, than in normal conditions.

Height is recommended to inspect the two pairs of sentinel, that bypass it on the opposite slopes, and only after their commander signal intelligence agency nominated for the personal inspection area lying ahead of the slope of ramps is determined when exploration of height, topographies, for hidden approaches and their availability, seats, open to enemy observation available at the height of the gully, ravine, trees, кустарни­ки, structure, ruins examined carefully, because in places the enemy is most often satisfied with the shelter and ambush Places, if they seem suspicious, You can first rake, If the situation permits, and then inspected on a hill and the height of the crest and appear not to be delayed.

During the exploration of the gorge, beams first need to explore the surrounding heights and locations, convenient location to the enemy, and then examine the beam several pairs of sentinel One pair is on the bottom, others - on the sides or the nearest side road. If inspection of the entire gorge (beams, ов­рага) It is impossible, necessary to examine the most important areas, which can be used by the enemy When viewed senior small gully sentinel moves along the edge of the gully, and sentinel - on its bottom.

Core up to the end of the inspection gorge (beams, ов­рага) sentinel remains at its input or moves along the ramp Sentinel, passing gorge (beam, ов­раг) and not finding the enemy, take her exit convenient for observation and fire place, and then supplied signal “The path is clear”. After that, the intelligence body core speeds gorge (beam ravine)

Особенности разведки в горах Наблюдение. При действиях в



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