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Option firearms training program

Exercises to work with a gun / assault rifle

Shooting static (stationary), at distances 10-50-100-200:

- Standing;

- Squatting;

- Kneeling;

- With the knee (left / right);

- Lying.

Dynamic shooting at distances 10-50-100-200:

  1. vertical Trends:

- the transition from sitting to standing position (in all variants);

- When changing from a sitting (all options) in the supine position;

- Similarly, the reverse transitions.

2. horizontal dynamics:

- When lateral movement in a standing position;

- When lateral movement in crouched position / squatting;

- When lateral movement in the supine position;

- Shooting attack and retreat:

• Standing.
• Prignuvšisʹ.
• Lying.

Dynamic shooting using shelters on distances 10-50-100-200:

- Shooting with the movement from the open area of ​​the cover (at the levels of standing, sitting, lying down);

- Shooting with moving from cover to cover (at the levels of standing, sitting, lying down);

- Shooting with the movement of the shelter (at the levels of standing, sitting, lying down).

Each of the exercises carried out in several stages, with different types of targets:

- Static;

- Mobile;

- Mixed Set.

Exercises with handgun:

The same exercise should be carried out with handgun, making changes in range of fire.

- For submachine guns - 5-10-20-50 m;

- For guns - 5-7-10-15 m;

Special exercises:

evacuation of wounded.

- Fires on the one hand, or on the shoulder, either clamped under his arm with the butt, or from the hip. The second hand is busy dragging the "wounded";

- fires from the hip, wherein the arrow is located on the wounded shoulders.

distances 10-20-50 m.

- If unable to use one of his hands;

- Selection of the rack and the method of firing at the discretion of the arrow.

distances 10-20-50 m.

- The same exercises are performed with submachine gun (distance 5-10-20 m) and a pistol (3-5-10 m).

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