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Instruction on conducting exploration in

The presence of enemy troops in the village can be found on the strong barking dogs, smoke field kitchens, furnace furnace at unusual times, the absence of people in the fields and gardens, especially during the field work. traces of tanks, combat vehicles at the entrance (exit), engine operation sounds betray the presence of mechanized parts and units. The presence of antenna assemblies on the outskirts or in the vicinity of the village, Shestova cable communication lines or traces of shallow dug by cables, helicopter landing pad indicates the location of the command post.

Determine the firing point, installed in the basement of the house, It can be cleared by sector for shooting (by the absence of a fence or cut trees etc.), Unlike the color from the general background, strengthening the walls of masonry or more sandbags. Winter recess can be seen by withdrawing its mate. In wooden houses firing points can be detected by a fresh timber at the filing apparatus embrasures, strengthening the walls, coating any of their compositions, make it difficult to fire. Loopholes are usually located close to the corners of buildings. The buildings, prepared for the defense of the enemy or occupied by observers, usually not observed signs of life, and it seems, that there is no one, but it is this emptiness should alert scouts. When viewed from the village should pay attention to the bush, trees, individual buildings, deep ditch, ravines on the outskirts, where the enemy may have escort units, as well as on the roof, attic windows of tall buildings, smokestacks, where it can be monitored, After inspection patrol from afar, under the cover of trees and shrubs, from gardens and outbuildings, and the rear of the apartment buildings, penetrate into the settlement and inspect buildings on the outskirts of, if there are residents in these, poll their.

In the settlement of rural type patrol moving along the gardens, Saddam, yards. It should not move right up to the buildings and sites, viewed from the windows and doors, exploration urban village it is advisable to carry two pairs of sentinel. Moving with a short interval in pairs at the same level on different sides of the street, they are watching, covering each other.
When viewed from inside buildings senior sentinel remains outside, being in readiness to help patrol and supporting the visual communication with the commander. sentinel, inspecting the inside structure, the front door is required to leave open. Going into the house, first of all it is necessary to interrogate the owner and do not let him until, until the inspection is completed. Particular attention should be paid to the attics and basements.

In an empty room, on the street and in the yard to touch any items or items not recommended, since they can be mined. In such cases it is necessary to use “cat”, long pole or rope from cover. The door opens with a kick in the Castle District, and if it opens to the outside, using the same rope or again “cats”. It is safest to penetrate into the building (room) use a wall outlet. If the situation allows for their breaching, It can be used explosive charges, hand grenades, shots from a grenade launcher or gun fighting vehicle.

Doors and windows in buildings are often mined opponent, Besides, they may be under the supervision of. Therefore, to enter the premises to be careful, ready to open fire or, machine gun against the door to the castle district, to open it with a kick, throw a grenade inside and rush inside immediately after the break. Upon detection of booby traps reported to the team immediately, and the place designated for their detection. The actions of the sentinel, inspect the town, I must watch commander. Following the sentinel he brings to the town of patrol squad.
If the scouts are on combat vehicles, the patrol squad at high speed jumps already inspected patrol the streets (Lots), Occupying a convenient for observation, favorable for combat positions and only then passes settlement intelligence agency of the core.
Small settlements patrol squad overcomes one throw, immediately after leaving his patrol on the outskirts of the opposite.

In large towns Watch core moves following the patrol squad (sentinel) as the inspection of each quarter. Discovered mined buildings and fences denoted pointers or graffiti. Made opponent inscriptions, symbols, Road signs and rubbings with found (trapped) Documents are sent to his superior. Upon exiting the further movement of the settlement is organized so, that local residents were not able to determine the true course of action scouts.

When conducting reconnaissance in the village reconnaissance units can perform reconnaissance and combat missions, in particular to act as assault teams. Of great importance is personnel training technology scouts movement in urban environments. So, the wall is overcome only after a preliminary examination of its opposite side of the rapid roll. Before overcoming the open terrain (road junction, streets, the gaps between the houses) make sure no enemy.

It is advisable to inspect the area of ​​the shelter. The most common mistake is to unmask himself gear elements (weapon barrel, radio antenna, surveillance and so forth.). Under the windows of the building to be moved, Crouching below the window cut-off with maximum speed. Openings basement windows need to jump (bestride). It should be possible to avoid the use of doorways for entry and exit. If necessary, leave the building should be rapid roll, bending low, to a prearranged shelter under the cover of a comrade.

In the village scouts can move both along, and “through” building, using a wall outlet. And the last way to travel should be given preference. In the course of overcoming the open areas are widely used smoke and fire cover, used natural cover, the personnel and the available means of disguise.

The movement is rapidly from cover to cover and to the planned route, the distance between the shelter should not be significant. When traveling in a group, it is advisable to maintain a distance between the scouts 5-6 m (8-12 steps) to reduce the risk of fire damage. The movements should be avoided building along the window and door openings, in the corridors to move only along the walls.

The success in the assault team will largely depend on the correct organized by the destruction by fire. Of great importance is the right choice of firing positions, in window and door openings, gorge, attics and roofs. When firing from behind the wall scout must take a position to the right (left) from her, but not the top. When firing from the door and window openings, as well as breaches of the firing position better to take a deep space.

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