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Masking night

Night disguise must comply with the same, as well as in the daytime. At night, in the darkness "light" hand, face, and especially, whites of the eyes. Therefore, hands and face need to darken the special make-up, soot, burnt cork, ground, ash, anything, odorless. Uniforms masked tufts of grass and small twigs. fresh fracture place on the branches obscured. All this violates straight contours of human figures, which are recognized by the night as easily, as the day, and the blurred contours, especially in the "shaggy" camouflage, It differs very bad even in the night videniya.Krome instruments other things, you need to darken or wrap something shiny and vytershiesya to shine part of the equipment.

Tie trouser legs to prevent the leg fabric of each other, But it should be, to the continuing need for mobility. Kotelki, jars, shovel, cartridge boxes, etc. to tie rags, not to knock and clanked. Additional weapons and ammunition are stacked alternately with soft stuff to avoid knock. So, with an additional supply of grenades strapped they are shifted or rags, to avoid rattling against each other.

At night, it is necessary to move totally silent. To this end, the legs are attached special soles of thick lamb or bear fur, "Coat to the ground". Or soles, made of a soft sponge. Such devices when stepping on dry twigs envelop them, bitches do not break and do not emit crackling. And if they break, the crack is almost inaudible. Besides, such soles reduce the scree of small rocks in rocky terrain. All these types of soles very well and virtually silent running on dry grass, fallen trees, etc.. In any case, the beginning is omitted sock when driving at night, then the heel. Helmet night is better not to wear - she shines, It prevents good to hear, It has an enlarged silhouette, it is difficult to disguise, and it can suddenly become a source of noise unmasking.

After collecting the necessary jump in place and make sure, that this did not knock. After that is checked on the move with an unexpected squatting on one knee, fall, pereprygivaniem through a small ditch, with a little jog. Footwear, clothing and equipment when this should not squeak and rustle.

Remember, "Noise ratio" movement of small groups - at the turn of 50 meters should not be heard knocks equipment and fabric rubbing against the fabric. On distance 40 meters should not be heard steps marching movements are not bandaged shoe. Steps with cushioned soles or bandaged shoe should not be heard in the distance 10 m.

At night you have to be very careful with the light, not to unmask himself. At night, the light can be seen very far. So, eg, on a clear night in the open flashlight light is visible on 10 km, so you can use any light only, when there is a strong belief, that his opponent will not notice. Torches are needed for each night combat mission. Aside from providing illumination with white light in the most appropriate moments flashlight is a means for silent warning lights. But it is allowed to use only those lights, which are color filters of red, blue and green glass. When the signal flashlight to avoid the use of white and red light. such light, even directed towards their, covers land areas near the lamp. Distance to the source of the light is also readily determine. their signals are only blue light. He's seen bad night, as it dissolves in the space, and beside him almost nothing highlights. But because he is seen near, effectively supply its signals to such light may be at a distance 200-250 m, no further.

Red light is used to work with a card or document, captured from the enemy. He does not tire the eyes and does not bother him. After the red light eye is not only adapted to the darkness - light red or orange noticeably activates the night vision. should know, that the red light become invisible marks on documents, made red or yellow crayons. In the absence of red light white light source covered with black paper, wherein done small hole. A narrow strip of light, passing through the opening, enough to work with documents, or for, to set sight.

Anyway, no matter how light you are not used at night, one eye should be kept closed - in this case it will not need accommodation for unexpected work temnote.Vse action with light (work with documents, map reading, etc.) We must be carried out only in the recesses, depressions, funnels, or well sheltered overcoat, eyeglasses, etc., so that the light can not escape. It is very important not to "light up" in front of the enemy and not blind itself.

For clarity, the night classes fighters show at different distances from the turn white, red and blue light from the flashlight. Each of the fighters under the control of the entire group should be trained in working with svetozamaskirovannoy card, compass and other instruments. Fighters show "glow" unmasked (unobscured) hands and face, nor narrowed eyes proteins, luminous watch dials, compasses and other devices.


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