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More than ten years ago on the internet to split “Murphy's Law for War” in my translation from English.
Tonight saw in FB “laws Gelyuha”, written DNRovtsem Anatoly Gelyuhom, I have several times quoted here at. Here they are. Generalization of his combat experience, so to speak. Very useful to read.

Something from the, what do you, likely, We did not know about the war:

● “War is dirty, cold and injustice” (from)
(Everything is much worse. This protracted “team game” in dirt, cold and injustice. The corresponding effect of the last paragraph on “team spirit”.)

● The most important thing for a soldier – Run & Shoot. The ability to run fast over long and short distances and shoot straight – Two main skill.
(Considering one of the paragraphs below about losses structure, I would suggest that after all the second major means of communication skill of care. “Contact shooting battle” It is best left to the artillery.)

● Sometimes tanks are written off for scrap directly from the base.
(After that they may go to another base, _vnezapno_ where they bring to mind.)

● From cardan KAMAZ can make mortar 82 caliber. mines 82 caliber easily converted into ammunition for RPG-7. If you delete from “carrots” to the RPG-7 self-killer, or to insert a coin in front of gunpowder, shot range can be increased to 1,5 – 2 km. All abnormal changes in the staffing weapons, Sooner or later, end accident. (Only it is necessary to understand, What's on 1,5 km shooting accuracy “carrot” with a locked self-liquidation – no.
Unless pokoshmarit neophytes.)

● Killed opponents do not dream, are not nightmares, cause no remorse. It invented the TV.

● Approximately half of the losses in the war – random (careless handling of weapons or explosives, friendly fire, own mines, Accidents, etc.). another half – losses from artillery and aircraft. Least of all losses – from small arms. (First part – preferably at or below excite substances. Less often – “we were not told, you'll go here”.)

● Soldier, who fears, better soldier, who is not afraid. You can teach a person to control fear, and fearless, usually, killed along with his comrades. (The best thing – soldier, which is a bit busy. afraid to start, when he has carried on a stretcher. And on the subject of fear “But what they are there without me?”.)

● The staff never knows, what is happening on the front line. Only rely on the resources, that you have the right, now. (And hide, hide these resources from headquarters, because he wants them to select you as soon as possible.)

● All commanders lie. Even honest commanders lie for the sake of good.
(And the idea of ​​the good in all very different.)

● Both sides of the conflict, usually, commit provocations, with the aim to charge the enemy.

● In war there is no “rules of war”, except, which help to win.

● combat instructions are often known to the enemy before, than it comes from the staff in the department. Do not go that way, and while, which is indicated by the BR, if on 100% not sure, that you are no longer welcome there. Usually, all combat outs are made in secret by the staffs. (This is one of the reasons, on which the staffs are not aware, what is happening on the front lines.)

● Each of the headquarters of the enemy, We have our spy. In each of our headquarters, there is an enemy spy. (Half a dozen idiots successfully do all the work with a minus sign, for which you need a spy. So it's not so bad. That is all bad, but mostly not because of spyware.)

● Its artillery is not less dangerous, than the enemy. (At times even more and even seems to be a connection exists. Gods of war, they are.)

● All believe in God. With no exceptions. (I here it somehow did not happen.)

● Do not trust the humanitarian organizations. (Do not trust anyone anything beyond, that he should be.)

● Do not trust the civilian population. Half mesteyh always supported the enemy. (Yes, even if one of the hundreds of supports, you will not know, Who exactly, because the smaller the support, the more carefully it will be masked.)

● Do not trust intelligence. recheck itself. (says “Witch”, “I do not believe in war scout, if it does not look like a bum”. And still recheck. Exploration today can not find anything there, where another crowd intelligence found yesterday “Abrams” with blacks.)

● Do not trust maps mining. (Enemy, even without these cards through their spies, loves very much, groped border minefields, slightly expand their. Or, fingering passages, make them impassable.)

● If you have carried out the order and won – Good job. If you obey the order, but fucked – you no one ordered, and generally you're fired yesterday.

● Many people think, what to take a first aid kit – Bad sign. Others do not wear body armor because of fear “zabronevogo rebound”. At all, in the war, many are superstitious. You need to control yourself, do not listen to the idiotic advice and do not give yourself to hit the zabubony, otherwise you can die. My company commander is now lying in a hospital, because I went out during the shelling without Bronicas. (But there are adequate people.)

● staff officers and the award-winning department of trade. (All sell everything. A box of good cognac can in one fell swoop solve many “supply problems”. Typically, the owners of the box a little worried, that someone else because of something I do not get. Sm.pervy point, about injustice.)

● Captured, usually, tortured during interrogations. If you were taken prisoner not to Exemplary military unit – likely, You will be tortured and just, out of revenge. (No one is immune from, to appear too suspicious, and then you will be tortured her.)

● All military secrets talking on a cell phone. (Even prinalichii TDS system and shifrobloknotov not in use, because… LAZINESS, fucking.)

● The civilian population no one takes into account. school, kindergartens and hospitals can be used, as “it put”, to charge the enemy in the war crimes case of civilian deaths attributable to him.

● Automatic Kalashnikov caliber 5.45 × 39 is no worse than the Kalashnikov assault rifle in caliber 7.62 × 39 mm. Do not listen to anyone, who says the opposite, This irrational roskazni. (The radio station effective and that, and other. I speak as one, who happens to lie under sniper fire. Armor, to call at this time it was much more appropriate, than my rifle and submachine other fighters. By the way, the vast majority of the military does not and is unlikely to have the skills, allowing to realize the benefits of 5,45 over 7,62 or vice versa, if they exist.)

● Recruitment offices sell recruits. If you need a medical orderly or sensible mehvoda – prosecute tax, otherwise give anybody on the advertisement of the column “Other”. (You have not yet sent recruits to comment “in his head a little bad, he did not let the machine”? so, you still ahead!)

● Armor, artillery and heavy machine guns are indiscriminate shelling enemy, to pass the sleeve for scrap. This is one of the main reasons for the lack of BC on the positions.

● Smežnikam net work to you. If you want to have reliable flank and artpodderzhku – agree in advance. (Well, it's just a quote from a textbook.)

● In war idiots more, than adequate people. (most unpleasant, that the number of stars on the shoulder straps, this percentage is independent.)

● Motivation is more important than the supply and artpodderzhki. on the idea 20 People with limited BC can support battalion attack, in the front area 2-3 km. without motivation, battalion run after a first shelling. (So, when all staff officers proobyvayut and no supply, our artpodderzhki, wait motivational speeches.)

● “Motherland will not forget you. And do not remember” (from). (If you suddenly something happens there, where the plan was not to, you add to the list of people, which “can not start anywhere”.)

● No one and nothing you do not have to.


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    I agree on all 100%. . Especially humanitarian organizations can not be trusted. they already,a priori,opposed to the,who are fighting for Russia. There is the bitter experience of the first Chechen. When nits of Amnesty International have merged all of our patrols Chechens

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