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Teamwork units.

Teamwork units.

1. Always maintain a safety zone around you on 360 degrees. when you stop, or on the move, always provide a safe haven in 360 degrees, This implies, that the last person on your team is moving backwards.

2. Never enter a room alone Stripping.

3. Do not let go it alone in the room we clean your team members.

4. Never turn your back on unstripped areas.
You may never know, that there is, and you can not be sure, it is safe.

5. The zone is considered to be buffed only, When you are present in this area and hold it.
Who will be in the area after, you it will leave the – You do not know.

6. The situation is always changeable.
You should always be careful.

7. Grind all the angles and “dead” zone (area outside your line of sight, but being in the area of ​​your responsibility).

8. Always get down on one knee, in the case of overcharging or malfunction of weapons.
Get out of the line of fire down on one knee, troubleshoot problems, and reload, and then proceed with firing from his knee, does not rise, that would not be in the line of fire.

9. Never look back over his shoulder.
Do you trust your teammate to cover your back, and looking back, You lose sight of your area of ​​responsibility, and at this moment, can happen anything – see paragraph. 6.

10. Always proceed in the opposite team member, who goes ahead of you.
When first entering the room moves to the left – dvyhaytes to the right.

11. When driving in the building keep the distance to the front walking team member 35-40 cm.

12. Before the beginning of the entrance to the room we clean the place your left hand (Right is always on the arms) shoulder standing in front of. This way you show your willingness to act.

13. Keep your weapon with his right hand at an angle of 45 degrees.
This is the safest position to sweep, and – optimal, for bringing weapons into firing position.

14. immediately go (keep moving, eg, in the doorway!!!) We clean the room in front of the running part of the team and we clean their area of ​​responsibility.

15. Measure the dimensions of the room stripped, and, sotvetstvenno, Specifies the number of the attackers.

16. Rack for firing:
feet shoulder width apart, in line, fingers forward legs (the direction of travel). Knees slightly bent, body leaning forward in the hip joint. shoulders straightened, and a bit laid back. The head is not tilted, both eyes open.

17. Walk along the walls at a distance 10-15 cm. off the wall. Do not touch the walls in order to avoid excessive noise.

18. Know your area of ​​responsibility and the way we clean the room in motion!!!

19. Use verbal signs and signals. Always use pre-established signs and signals. Do not change them “on the run”.

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