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Modern UDCs are increasingly turning into heavy aircraft-carrying cruisers
Automatic underwater APS
"DD" expansive bullet Project (the USSR)
“KBE Warrior-3” (video)
What is the life of a mercenary?
Frogmen Commando HUBERT
FIRST AID: Notes professional rescuer
As US special forces and humanitarian uses private jets
A foreign observer group accused Wagner of PMCs in the torture of captured militants LIH
Konstantin Lazarev: Anti-terror weapons
Author's column: Konstantin Lazarev (a photo) - On one of the versions of the new RPC-16
Konstantin Lazarev (a photo) – Competitions of "Alpha" – Night warriors!
Military journalist Roman Saponkov of PMCs Wagner
Protect the Russian diplomats in Turkey could be specially created PMCs
In a programme “News of the week” showed fighters PMC Wagner?
Klintsevich doubts the usefulness of employees of American PMCs for the Russian special forces center
In the State Duma introduced a bill on combating terrorism abroad by volunteers
SOLDAT.PRO took part in the celebration of the Day of the Russian Ground Forces and Reconstruction “Brusilov breakthrough”
The Russian army will receive a heavy duty gun
WHAT IS bullets with displaced center of gravity ?
Behavior in captivity and interrogation. What to expect and how to survive?
Why did President Putin National Guard? (a source:
Syrian casualties “Slavic housing”
"Wow, look, PMC!». How do private military companies in Russia
private war: Company history dates Blackwater (translation of the book by Jeremy Scahill)
They fought for Palmyra
The first private military companies in Russia