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“KBE Warrior-3” (video)


“When the development of the third generation, we allowed ourselves to dream up a little and have developed a conceptual model”, – says chief designer for life support equipment TSNIITOCHMASH Oleg Faustov.

At the moment, Russia is actively used by the army “Warrior-1”, less clear appearance “Warrior-2”, and that is all. Presented at the forum exhibit nothing but, as a conceptual model, which seek to create designers. Appearance for generations “Warrior-4”, and even more 5. According to the developers, “the appearance can not even stare, the main thing, in this model is represented by the functional, she will have”

“Warrior-4 +” will have sensors life-support systems and monitoring the functional state of a soldier. The system will monitor the status of a fighter in the case of injury or failure, and to provide information to the commander about, soldiers can cope with the task. When, when a fighter wounded, built kit alone will bring him the necessary medication and report to the commander of the status change.

The helmet is completely sealed and will replace conventional fighter mask, as well as accommodate the sensors and life support elements and defeat the purpose of managing the system. All necessary data will be displayed on the information screen. All of the above functions, except state servicemen and booking helmet, They are still in development.

such sensational Russian exoskeleton, For design, will have to work at least 48 hours in several modes:
– passive mode – redistributes the load to the soldier on the gear mechanism, that will keep the soldier desired strength and energy;
– automatic mode with the connected batteries – increases the speed and power of a fighter. And also it allows to carry heavy loads, to make a run for long distances and perform giant leaps over obstacles. All this will become available fighter when the automatic mode, when it will be able to solve the main problems of the exoskeleton – Energy.

Area armor will be increased by the introduction of sectional plates of cermets (layout-rubber material). Ballistic aramid suit the special color, already used in previous versions “warrior”, It allows to fight in the city.

Collar suit developed in 2 types: Ballistic and bulletproof.

Shoes remain on good old-fashioned company “Faraday”, the very, which are already supplied with equipment Warrior-1 and able to pass 200 000 cycles, the truth, and they will undergo a number of changes. The ballistic footwear planned embed sensors detect min information output for points. And also to build additional power supply system, whereby when using passive mode exoskeleton suit energy it could be returned to the battery, fueling the sight, goggles and other equipment sensors.

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