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In a programme “News of the week” showed fighters PMC Wagner?

A photo - "Вести недели"

A photo – “News of the week”

In a programme “News of the week” showed fighters PMC Wagner?

In the Sunday news program “News of the week” on TV “Russia 1” shots were shown about the work in Syria of the Russian Special Operations Forces.

Russian special forces conduct operations in Syria to eliminate the leaders of militants and suicide bombers, indicates coordinates for airstrikes, follows from the report.

“Snipers spend days observing enemy positions, identify commanders by characteristic”, – told the colonel, commander of special forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“There was a moment, when several enemy machine gunners did not allow the Syrian army to occupy the dominant height. With the help of our snipers, they were destroyed., and the Syrian unit successfully completed the task”, – the officer said.

“We have a tremendous responsibility to carry out these tasks.. They look at us as our friendly comrades from Syria, they look at us just like gods. They think, that we will defeat all ten. We must perform these tasks accurately., on time and on time and with a successful result”, – stressed the commandos.

In March 2016 Russian military officially reported, that Russian Special Operations Forces are operating in Syria. Colonel General Alexander Dvornikov, who then commanded a group in Syria, spoke in an interview “Russian newspaper”, that these units carry out additional reconnaissance of targets for strikes by Russian aviation, target aircraft in remote areas, solve other special tasks, recalls “AVN-Interfax”.

A number of experts have already expressed belief, that by showing the plot, Russian official propaganda decided to respond to numerous media publications about the actions in Syria of the unit, called PMCs “Wagner”. Some experts believe, What exactly “vagnerovtsy” featured in the plot “Westie of the week”.

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