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Behavior in captivity and interrogation. What to expect and how to survive?

Preparation of anti-conventional methods of interrogation. What does it mean?

It means, that all operations are conducted in the framework of respect for the Geneva Convention, and a prisoner of war tortured. Understandably, that compliance with these standards is still very relative. But, though, a prisoner of war during their captivity preserves the integrity of the body. This is the main.

In this situation, everything depends solely on your physical and mental stamina. That is, until you are hungry, not drank and slept, firmly “Yankee-Charlie Whiskey-Six-Six”, and nothing will happen. Maximum - slightly popinat, a couple of days will not give sleep, you will suffer from hunger and thirst, but chances, you do not say anything and you for that nothing will, high enough.

Of course, there are some points.

So, eg, if you have a really valuable and important information, then you will plow. And you will not be questioned “interrogator” - investigator, a “enlister” - recruiter.

They are specialists, who not only know how to ask tricky questions, but also experienced psychologists, who know how to read body language well and they enjoyed themselves splendidly. That is non-verbal cues, that you will try to generate virtually any condition. Also this will be experts in the field of lie detection. Yes, yes, connoisseurs of the very “If you, answering the question, lift up your eyes - you're lying, if down - tell the truth”. The thing is, that these things provide information only when integrated treatment. Each feature alone is almost worth nothing. anyway, not that it.

Actually, within the framework of conventional interrogation you generally can not say anything. And for you it will be nothing. Well, maybe a little popinat, and do not give to drink, eat and sleep. Heavy, but perezhivayemost. This is especially true of situations, when you are a carrier of the most important information. And every moment of its operational and tactical importance decreases.

It's only in the movies, knowing, that the fighter was captured, his command says: “He would not say anything to them!”, and acts according to the old plan. In real life, the, that you captured - is already captivated side error. Why? because, now that they have a maximum of twenty-four hours on the, to you “clean” split and receive data. Since one day his already become clear, that the soldier was missing and probably captured. This means, All plans should be changed, so clean, just in case.

A small remark about “the importance of information”

Even if you have a simple infantryman, as a private, and came to the part of a month ago, you still own important information. Just because, you know what, which can not know the enemy (or do not know exactly). Enough to pass the commander Name, and the enemy will know part, in which you serve. And more to the point to connect military intelligence, and after a couple of hours it will be known to the combat potential of your part, related units, its potential role in the actions of troops.

Shortly speaking, just the name of your commander can give as a result a lot of information about the situation in the combat zone.

So just keep quiet. To make it easier, taldychte any crap, a meaningless set of letters and numbers, eg. The most important thing, select the set, which is easy to remember, and in which you will not get off. Then, if the questioning will continue for a long time, situation may occur, When you are in a state of altered consciousness (and you are in it will, not zhramshi not spamshi), just believe, that you give them some meaningful information, and they, dumb brutes do not perceive it. This will trigger the internal state of anger, and correspondingly, increase your effectiveness in countering interrogations.

How to learn meaningfully?

complicated question. The thing is, what 95% soldiers are not trained to counter interrogation. Just for the reason, that preparation for conventional interrogation methods boils down to, what “Nessie purgu, anyway you anything for it will not…”

Everything else depends on the personal physical and psychological parameters of the person, and his personal zamotivirovannosti. Those stories about “Special Forces” and their resistance to interrogation is based on zamotivirovannosti fighters, to store information about your group / division in secret, and high-quality physical training, which allows to bear the pain and inconveniences a lot easier, than the ordinary soldier / man. And not on what there is super-secret techniques.

So it takes its physical form, create yourself Vesko motivation, and canon-examination, within the framework of the Geneva Convention, you either soak completely, or split time, when information, you can give, It will be completely irrelevant.

another conversation, when it comes to unconventional methods of interrogation

Anyone, who understands, What is the normal interrogation, in a situation, when the interests of the parties are not short of funds, will tell you, that in this case the fact, you split - it is a matter of time. Moreover, the time range, in which you can tell, It is very small.

The thing is, that in such cases the integrity of the psyche and the human body does not play absolutely no role for the inquirer. He needs only the information. By and large,, the fastest and easiest option - it is to bring a person to a state “Yes, let me die already!!”

And do not let him do it. And do not give the most unpleasant and painful way. Questions of psychology here, usually, not affected. Breaking person psychologically for a long time, Yes and no special guarantees, it will work. Human, which broke the psychologically, It is more likely to simply withdraw into themselves and, perhaps, will go to the roof. And to achieve something intelligible will be almost impossible from him.

so here, There are two things to unconventional methods of interrogation. And they need to understand for themselves as quickly as possible:

• After the interrogation, they kill me.

• After the interrogation, I did not kill.

By and large,, if you really know something, it is very necessary and the opponent can hurt your colleagues, the prisoner and did not come across a better. But if it happened, the suicide will be the easiest way out. Especially if the clear, after questioning and you do not live. another point, that the time for this is the suicide is not likely to give. Because the process will start as soon as possible after the seizure.

generally, worse, than express questioning a couple of kilometers from the place of captivity (to her, right in the forest in the swamp), there is nothing, since the stabbing are fast and hard. From withdrawal from the nails of the fingers, and that the legs (and this is where as a nuisance, than from hands), finishing “firefly” - this is when the head is inserted MPH match and ignited.

About some simple things, Sleep Type salts in wound, even no one says. by the way, backfilling of gunpowder in the wound, followed by ignition is not so prevalent. The pain can be so strong (depending on where injured), which can cause anaphylactic shock and death. You the good, but not seized.

therefore, if it is clear, that you withdraw after the interrogation of the toilet and put a bullet in the head, better Be creative and find a way to suicides. For even an experienced specialist from the body with cut-century and lips, scorched to coal state hu..m and birch logs torn anus get the right information - to say what the stub still can. A limit pain, which may make the person, you can learn, Only once in this situation. Basically, even with the ground off a file teeth and gums person can hum exactly, what do you need, and even so, what would he have understood, what I mean. So do not amuse ourselves with illusions, better suicides.

If the situation develops in such a way, that you leave after questioning alive, hence it makes sense to capture. And most likely you will be used either for psychological treatment (cm. American pilots, which treated Soviet and Vietnamese experts up to suicide attempts in the knowledge, what they did), or to be exchanged for someone of value from their. And in this case, the chop, and that person is no longer much like, value is not.

Forget about the movie. Its well aware, that disabled without teeth, individuals, fingers and genitals, you are very unlikely to be thankful for the salvation.

so here, if you clear, that you want to keep alive on the basis of information, and interrogators themselves, in principle, interested in, that you were the most intact, here there are some options.

Firstly, We need to understand, how you will be affected in the event of resistance to interrogation. How do you know it? Yes, everything is simple - keep silent. Once a critical mass is reached, you will apply the first means of suggestion. Yet again, it is a signal for you. If you just hit, it's not scary, then most likely again, and that the two, just will beat. It's not scary. beating, is not intended to hammer death, usually, very precise and calculated by the sensation of pain. Is that accidentally tear spleen, and you will die well, so did not say anything. In general silent, until you apply “first level” physical pressure.

As soon as you cease to beat and bring ticks, time to start talking. Choking with bloody snot (and after the massacre, it is easy to competent), tell us about yourself, his name, where they were born, relatives who. Likely, it will cause a reaction of approval. In any guidance on conducting the interrogation states, that the main thing - what would “customer” spoke. Once I spoke - so ready for contact. This will give you some time to, to recover, assess the situation and to gather strength. Especially, that you are likely to start asking within the specified parameters. About mom, about pursued, about “You want them back”, for children - “because they need a father”.

A smooth transition to a more urgent issues such as:

•who it,

• where sluzhishy,

• who is the commander of,

• khaki goals and objectives.

Well, the list goes on.

There is one thing - no one in reality is not intended to arouse the investigator understanding and compassion, bad dumb. But if you first begin to be silent on these issues, and when you start to beat again (probably still beat), you start howling scream “I cant!”, “I can not!”, “I'm not a traitor!”, the, likely, this again will trigger a stop in action and try to talk to you again.

Realize that kind of thing - pathological sadists among the few investigators. A professional pytoshnikov (ie people, who know, how to do, that man said), even less. And very few professional pytoshnikov sadistic. Why? And they have a very high mortality interrogated, addicted citizens.

so here, no pleasure, likely, all their actions they themselves do not bring. You do your silence gives them a irritation - they spend time here for you, instead of the more pleasant and useful pastime.

And if you begin to groan, what, they say, you can not say something, you have to want to learn, the more likely you will try again to talk. will explain, that in such circumstances it is not a betrayal, that all break, it is only a matter of time and the pain, that you have to endure. That they themselves are not happy with it all to do. A time is coming.

Your task in this case to start to answer questions from the first level, that is, not with those, which of you want to get right. And “zero”, that is sort of like answering, and himself, but not quite, that we should. And so at every step. You ask one, and you answer to the previous group of questions, Only greater detail. One hell then still answer all, that demand. But every step you will be broken and stretched for a longer time, and you will have breaks, in which you can gather your thoughts, if not lose consciousness. As a result, you will receive all of the, you would have said so, but you will tselee, and time pull far more effectively.

As for the lies. Or, buzz words - misinformation

During the same World War II it was easier to lie, Many details have been stupidly did not check. Now, in this age of monstrous informatization, for half an hour about you without any words from you will know quite a lot, why lie to be very careful, desirable bearing in mind the particular legend to misinformation.

Devil - he in detail, remember? Distorted or the incorrect things can eventually lead to a completely false picture.

So, eg, to tell, that group of teams is not a major, and the captain. trifle? Yes. But make the enemy spend more time to check your data. or to say,, that the group is not 10, a 12 human, and machine guns are not three, and one. Similarly, you can distort the fine details, such as output time, Spent time “in field”. This complicates the task of the enemy, and you will not hurt, principle that you tell him information, you do not need to tell.

Most importantly - do not lie brazenly and openly. Covenants Goebbels good only when working with the masses, but not with a person with professional tired eyes. Well, yes, issuing misinformation principle exactly the same, As in the case with accurate information. That is, you just tortured, pussy and ticks bite off pieces of the fingers, but you give them inaccurate information.

Yet again, feeling his cunning sharply raises the motivation of survival in such cases. Most importantly - remember, that if you are caught in a lie, you Most likely the integrity and health will not be able to keep on questioning, All information received will be checked as quickly as possible, but you at this time will be prophylactically

important Remarque:

note, that frequently used expressions such “likely” and “more likely”, because that is for sure, how and what will happen, impossible. You've got to look at, how the situation is developing around. No universal recipes, anyway every time it's different, and in fact on, how well do you evaluate the situation, and it will depend on the final result.

About motivation

Personal motivation - a factor very important. Perhaps, not less important, than physical training. well-known fact, that work with the most difficult fanatics. First of all, they are very hard to motivate to his death, Secondly, to dedication and his brothers in jihad. By and large,, all this talk and cheat on “military brotherhood” and “its not throw” designed to create a fighter motivation as long as possible to remain silent. Brothers not to substitute, plus the confidence that, that you did not throw, It gives hope, that they would come and liberate.

How do you yourself create motivation, it's your business. If we take the example of some postapokalipsis, where you live with your family a small community, the main motivation for you to be their life and health. And here very much plays a role, how much they REALLY you value. Therefore, the question of creating motivation - this point is very thin, and ambiguous.

About techniques shutdown of consciousness, and other things, designed to counter torture

Legends and tales about this number goes wild. A real art buried under such Particleboard, that they mention and scary. The reason for this is very simple - these techniques are not taught to military. any. Because the military is necessary to teach, how not to fall into captivity, and not waste valuable time on all garbage. These techniques are designed for operational staff training and human intelligence (visitors can get acquainted with the general “aquarium” citizen Rezun, so imbued with all the power and harshness of the Soviet reconnaissance vehicle).