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Frogmen Commando HUBERT

The French Navy has in its composition 5 special forces (Another backup and 9 responsible for the security of ports and naval facilities). All units are composed of 70 to 100 fighters and scattered in different parts of France and Africa.
The most famous of these units – Commando HUBERT, fully staffed frogmen.

The name of the detachment received (at 1947 year) in honor of an officer Augustine Hubert, killed in 1944 year, fellow prisoners during the landing of troops in Normandy. During warriors fighters of the French Navy, rather that, what was left, longer act as Marines. Immediately after the war, the French decided to change the situation.

the research group has been created – Horsey, which began to develop easy-diving equipment and other equipment for underwater saboteurs. Among the developers were the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and Francois Dupa – one of the premier developers and creators of underwater towing.

Besides, and steps have been studied Italian, German and English underwater saboteurs during World War II.

By the early '50s GERS researchers can achieve great progress in the development of respiratory devices for a long stay under water and means of underwater movement. Then a decision is made to establish a school of combat swimmers, and 1952 godueta school was established on the island of San MANDRY. The first students of the steel 6 sailors, 7 Marines and some veterans of the Second World.

Within a year of the first graduates of other fighters and Navy Special Forces units created Commando HUBERT. Interesting, that initially and for a long time Commando HUBERT I reported directly DGSE (foreign intelligence).

It is unlikely that the first fighters Commando HUBERT could complain about lack of work: immediately after the training course they were sent to Indochina, and then in Algeria. In Indochina fighters Commando HUBERT pretty well proved to be, regularly atakuyabazy separatists and mining boats, transporting them weapons iboepripasy. There were also losses, in June 1954 of the year 6 Hubert fighters ambushed naodnom of numerous islets. As a result, 3 fighters killed. 3 vyzhivshihne could pick mates body, which then beheaded.

In Algeria Commando HUBERT longer used, as an army special forces. Besides,Commando HUBERT fighters took part in the operation “Musketer” – England attack, France and Israel against Egypt.

Selection and training

Commando HUBERT is part of the special operations forces (WCS), It is subject to Special Operations Command (KSO), and the most elite unit of Special Forces of the Navy of France. And accordingly is selected.

Get into Commando HUBERT can people, have served at least 4 years in the Marine Corps units, other units of special forces of the Navy and the Army Special Forces.

The selection process checks the physical and psychological endurance, the ability to navigate in difficult conditions, the ability to deal with different kinds of weapons.

Qualified hit the seven-month training courses frogmen. In preparing the emphasis is on underwater navigation, working with breathing apparatus and underwater towing, the fight against underwater saboteurs, handling of special weapons and mines, underwater medicine, destroy ships, bridges and sabotage in ports.

Besides, All fighters are shortened course for the Army Special Forces System. Much time is spent preparing the landing – make jumps, both with low altitudes (100-150 m.), and protracted (more 5000 m), Management gliders and light aircraft. Immediately after the seven-month training course, followed by a survival course in the jungle (Guyana) and the Arctic environment (high mountains of the Alps, Pyrenees region and Norway).

Commando HUBERT divided into three battle groups.

1 – underwater sabotage,

2- fighting terrorom.Etim engaged group GTSMTS, consisting of 17 fighters. This gruppaprednaznachena for the release of hostages in the maritime transport.

3 – the combat group is for landing in difficult conditions. This division is rather arbitrary: All fighters are prepared universally. Joined the squad signed a term contract 3 of the year. Daleeon may be extended. Many men between the first and second contracts

serve in other spetsnaz units.

Weapons and equipment

Fighters detachment guarding the aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle" during the first exit into the sea near Toulon 4 October 2000

For service unit are submachine gun HK MP5, Machines of the same production, firing under special needles water, mini and micro-uzi, various types of sniper and assault rifles, min, shortwave and satellite stations, PBS, DU, as well as various means to destroy enemy tanks and helicopters.

For delivery to the surgical site can be used by all: from ships, boats and kayaks to submarines and underwater towing.

We make friends with anyone?

Like many other units, Commando HUBERT exchanges experience and conducts joint exercises with other units. This English SBS, Navy SEAL, similar units from South Africa (data on 88 year). Besides, conducted joint exercises with combat divers of the second paratroop regiment of the Foreign Legion, Located on the island of Corsica and divers GYGN (anti-terror unit of the National Gendarmerie).

Against whom are friends?

In the 80 years the Israeli frogmen failed to connect to the cable, passes under the water within the territorial waters and Lebanon, in this way, listen to talks between the Foreign Ministries of some countries in North Africa and its European embassies. unknown, they learned about it, but one izetih countries asked for help from the French. Can not claim, but I think, namely swimmers Commando HUBERT were able to detect the connection place.

Naturally, the stock is very secret Commando HUBERT. We only know of a few operations: the release of the hostages. new Caledonia, together with GYGN, at 1988 city, undermining Greenpeace ship in the capital of New Zealand – Oakland. There are no confirmed data on the participation of men Commando HUBERT voperatsiyah in Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia and “Desert Storm”.

Besides, fighters Commando HUBERT quite active in the Lebanon, especially in the early '80s, when there was a war. Surely this is not a complete list of unit operations, after French interests extend to many countries.

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