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Podoliak, adviser to the head of Zelensky's office, named two conditions for the complete victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the Russian army
My war, Chechen diary trench General
How to join forces and Syrian volunteers PMC Wagner
Newspaper “TVNZ” the situation of Russian PMCs
Competent actions of PMCs Wagner bring victory over the LIH in Syria
Revelation private military company soldier: In Syria, PMCs and PMC Wagner “Turan”
What is the life of a mercenary?
In Iraq, the famous sharpshooter killed, destroyed more than three hundred militants LIH.
PMC Israel
Frogmen Commando HUBERT
IG militants launched an information attack against Russian PMCs
On the death of prisoners PMC Wagner fighters in Syria
The victory in the battle for Deir ez-Zor would have been impossible without the PMC Wagner
Routine joys and sorrows of one American PMCs
The history of secret Russian mercenaries “Wagner Group” in Syria
Sulakshina Center Expert criticizes PMCs
A foreign observer group accused Wagner of PMCs in the torture of captured militants LIH
Gennady Timchenko company will conduct business in Syria under the protection of Russian PMCs
One and a half dozen combatants in the Donbass went to Syria. Some of them will join the ranks of PMC Wagner
Grau L. (L. Wheat) – The experience of the Afghan and Chechen wars. Digest of articles.
Mercenaries replace regular soldiers
Author's column: Men's toys - Sergei Badyukov interview for Russia Today
Academi Founder Helps Creation of Chinese PMCs
Five of the world's leading PMC
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About American wars in “gray area”
Verbal teaching soldier of the XXI century
FOREIGN PRESS: “AK +”: Russia is preparing to employ private companies fought in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions (Estonia)
Dmitry Karpushkin: “Russia needs to grow to the Cossack PMCs”
Thoughts of an American military, PMCs now a fighter in Afghanistan
Legends of PMCs: Bob Penny – king mercenaries (Article + video)
The Syrian conflict are actively involved not only the US soldiers, but also employees of PMCs
from the archives. Soviet diplomat to meet with “wild goose”
Iraqi weekdays
Intrigue and secrets of Chinese PMCs
Mental attitude of a warrior
Syrian casualties “Slavic housing”
"Wow, look, PMC!». How do private military companies in Russia
private war: Company history dates Blackwater (translation of the book by Jeremy Scahill)
New flourishing of private armies
Russia is entering the market of private military companies («Sankei Shimbun», Japan)
Russia is entering the market of private military companies
Top 10 facts bogey on private military companies