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My war, Chechen diary trench General

Author Gennady Troshev – one of the key figures in the events in the North Caucasus. A native of these places, general the last six years has led many operations “Feds” against Chechen gangs. He considered it my duty military officer of honor to tell the shocking truth about this war. Deciding to write a memoir, I hoped – I have, what to say to readers, especially those, who lost in Chechnya relatives. They certainly want to know, for what and how their sons died, husbands, brothers… Fate brings me to the war with different people: and politicians, and commanders of the highest rank, and with the leaders of gangs, and with simple rossiyskimisoldatami. I've seen them in different situations. Each of them showed themselves in different ways: someone was firm and resolute, someone is passive and indifferent, and someone was playing a `kartu` in this war..

Author: Gennady Troshev
Name: My war, Chechen diary trench General
Genre: biography, memoirs, personality, Warfare
ISBN: 5-264-00657-1, 978-5-264-00657-9
Publishing House: Vagrius
The year of publishing: 2004

My war, Chechen diary trench General



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