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Kiev does not need "cool yachts" with rockets: the Navy criticized British boats

«Classy yachts» Kiev does not need missiles: the Navy criticized British boats
Great Britain offered Ukraine a project of combat boats, which allegedly have not yet been produced and sold for any country in the world. But in Kiev, they are not very happy with the British "generosity".

As it became known to the Odessa newspaper "Dumskaya" from sources in the naval forces of Ukraine, high-ranking officials of the Naval Forces of Ukraine give the British project unflattering characteristics. So, Naval Forces Commander Rear Admiral Alexei Neizhpapa, at a meeting with his subordinates, called the British boats "cool yachts".

However, immediately after the publication in the newspaper, the Ukrainian military hastened to refute these unflattering characteristics, fear, that London will be offended. Nevertheless, intelligible explanations of criticism from the rear admiral still followed.

As noted in the Ukrainian Navy, the British project is not suitable for the Ukrainian fleet. This is due to the fact, that the UK in modern conditions has no experience in the construction of missile boats. The last boats were built back in the 1970s. Since then, the UK has been making missile boats only to order for foreign countries., and private companies do it. It is such a company that is going to offer its project to Kiev. But, in fact, the proposed boat is a large yacht, resembling a civilian ship, on which missile launchers are mounted.

Therefore, the Ukrainian sailors immediately rejected the British boat as unsuitable for placing missile weapons.. Here it is necessary to take into account the specifics of modern Ukrainian reality.: one thing - boats for the coast guard of some Bahamas, and completely different - boats for the Ukrainian Navy, given the difficult relationship with Russia and the "Crimean issue".

Also, the project proposed by a British company is completely new. These boats have not yet been tested, were not in the service of any naval forces in the world, and this also reduces the level of confidence in them from the command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. London's willingness to finance the construction of new boats did not become an argument either.. Even such a circumstance does not mean, that Kiev is obliged to agree with any proposals of the British side.

However, the UK may well start financial blackmail: the thing is, that a condition for a loan for the purchase of boats is the mandatory participation of British military-industrial enterprises in the construction of ships. If Ukraine orders boats from some other country or builds them independently, not taking advantage of, even partially, services of British enterprises, then Kiev risks not getting money.

meanwhile, in the Ukrainian Navy claim, that in addition to the British project there is also a Turkish. Besides, and Ukraine is developing its own version of the boat at the Shipbuilding Experimental Design Center in Nikolaev. This company, unlike an obscure British firm, has a pretty good reputation in the shipbuilding industry.

The Ukrainian version of the boat may be even more optimal, since it differs in much smaller dimensions, than a british boat, the presence of air defense, while the British project lacks air defense, high level of autonomy and even the ability to install the anti-ship missile system "Neptune".

Now the Ukrainian fleet is in a difficult situation: "British" Ukrainian Navy is clearly not needed, but if you refuse it, London will not give money. Without money, it will be impossible to build your own boats. The vicious circle of Ukrainian “squares”.

Author:Ilya Polonsky

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