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The modern history of PMCs

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At all, if thoughtfully delve into the history of the second half of the 20th century, the absence of the concept ofPMC I do not have too much. For example, loved by all Country of democracy USA, already during the Second World War in full use private contractors. And if the war years such services were allowed to maintain the equipment / appliances and cooking food (Halliburton deep traditions, Aki rabbit hole), after the war, the situation has become a much more interesting.

It all started with the fact, that frequent intelligence operations around the world to start the demanded transport. Finally, It does not always work to send a man, group or equipment overboard official family BBC. Sometimes it is even desirable. And it is not always possible to send the same loads civil airlines. so what? So they had to use smugglers. They guys dashing, and a decent amount of drive you anyone, and wherever you go. And most importantly - do not ask. And all would have been well, if not mandatory secrecy. And without it no. Do not you come to the same citizens and criminals can not be said:

allegedly, hello, expensive criminals, My name is John Smith, I'm from CRU and I have to carry tons of equipment Boys oh boys / kokainuma / stealth Pikhota plus out of dwarf green truselyah.

The modern history of PMCs. Easy reading for the evening | Last Day Club

understandably, that the presence of dwarf questions about the Boys oh boys, no one there, but the pale. In addition, the smugglers - people nervous and distrustful, and did even smart. Therefore, always suspect the worst, but because the insured. Their insurance, usually, fiercely spoil any conspiracy. Yes, and cinematic techniques, with the offering of the dossier and stories about, we know everything about you, and, if you do not help us, then you will be blah blah blah, in life do not work. Those, who believes in it, occasionally still find this the most records in the ass and a bullet in the head. In the meantime, this whole circus alive and well, in CRU (and then the other lovers spying through a crack and tyrit strangers pulled up socks) ended smugglers. for they, of course, They work for money, but no self-respecting intelligence service can not afford unhindered collect the dirt. A CRU in those years very respected, and generally fulfills the role of vengeance "world-bogey«. so here, after a struggle with compromising the smugglers began to run out.

And then some anonymous genius comes up with the idea:

Gaiz! We live in a free world capital gain! As we tumble Crazy Grandma, and, the main thing, does not control them. Who prevents us to create a transport system specifically for yourself!

Managing such an offer slightly podofigelo, but profit has calculated instantly. Oh really, Why not? created by airline, which sits currently on the market and does not protrude, hauling manure from one state to another, to not go broke, and periodically carries out orders of their organizer and benefactor. For good grandmother, by the way. Even you can not organize, and easy to find on the market of air carriers, that, of course, are kept afloat, But the joy is they do not bring. And to tie this stronger. Or they themselves kompromatika ponadelat. Yet again kokainumaaboard ponapihali, catch and offer otmazatsya (and who refuse in this case,?).

The modern history of PMCs. Easy reading for the evening | Last Day Club

Against the background of these happy thoughts exactly CRU and laid the foundation for future PMC under the roof of the state. For, let's be honest and adults, no such office in any country in the world fully and frankly is not private. Least, sitting in a nearby office with an accountant some bespectacled leguleian with unclear job responsibilities and oversees Statement. This is not to mention the fact, that so, or else, in career growth of any successful now PMC still administrative resources involved, state whether, special services, never mind.

so here, by the beginning of the 70-xx, under the auspices of CRU labored nearly two dozen airlines, and half a dozen maritime transport companies, under the traditional Liberian flag.

Incidentally, very few people know, but those are the most famous scandals with drugs in coffins, who were brought to the US from another voynushki, usually withered, dried up and dead at the stage of trying to understand - and it was whose planes? In terms of, whom they belonged? On the board at the data allowanceUSAF not listed, companies were purely private, and that, that the aircraft was in color, similar to the Army, so nobody forbids. A customer - all hell will understand, three persons dummy. For reference, removal of corpses from the same Vietnam in charge of a number of private vehicles airlines. For example TimeGateAir, and that lasted only a 10 years, from 67 by 77. But it fulfilled its task fully. Of the more famous, and live to this day, can recall Evergreen International Airlines. These and all are alive and well still, and all carry the same coke and whores useful and important loads.

Or, eg, company AirNow, which was in the 57th to pick up under a different name and in a state of "dobeyte already, and then I have become tired«, then vykormlena, cured and set in motion. These "glorified" the, as the corpses were taken to the "breadcrumbs" from Panama.

Basically, if you dig into the history of, then about three dozen companies were created under the task CRU and others like it, For example and experience of everyone liked.

Well, So, what next? So what is next, as usual, more. Further development of the identified budget financing CRU, which by the end of Vietnam campaign so wear out the governmentUSA their doorposts, they began to cut funding and deprived of the opportunity and authority. So, eg, they cut the force to ensure their shares, and then completely otobralizapretili operation green Beret (as it later at the end of the 80-xx selected favorite Delta, which they did not have time to stop playing).

The modern history of PMCs. Easy reading for the evening | Last Day Club

But the operations have to carry something? must. And then there's the oil war in full swing, which CRU shame too late. Little of, that hired the most qualified personnel already snapped up, so also the remaining "unreached"Not very afraid of the all-powerful all-seeing eye. Shortly speaking, all, cattle, fear of losing. Furthermore, after a number of cases, when CRUSchnick taken away the goods (and cargo, as you know, It could be all, from man, to sverhsekretnoj soveCkoj vundervafli, incredible efforts spizhzhenoy have gifted it Nigra in far Chambumambii), It becomes clear, so can not go on. And besides,, mercenaries themselves bestial people, Me sitting there in his sirotinushka Africa, where they in no way affect, and begin to bargain meanly, breakwater:
- This is just so you have to, then let us dough and heifers, and then we erase the documents ass, and vundervaflyu return for remuneration Russian, and even nazhaluemsya, who took.

And still have to pay. A budget - it is not made of rubber, and the profit kokainuma I had to use to fix most of these stocks, instead of buying a svistelok perdelkami yes podmazyvanie right people, and general business development. after, in connection with such stories have CRU operatives began to run out. For head against the operative responsible for the load, and in the event of a situation defends it to complete loss of pulse. And as you know, operative - is a person (in these times), which the, of course, can one on one, Well, one of two, Well ... Well, three if you really fucked up, operas and operas do not, and illegitimate child John Rambo and James Bond, then five. But not with the same crowd of hungry Nigro, sent white Sahib, with a very definite purpose: box pick, and violent white eat.

And the armed forces can not be used. Yet again, We thought long. Thanks to US law. In which the right to have a gun is registered almost to himself zachuhannoy gopher, and if it yourself gopher more and give a license to carry Private security… «ahuet, give two!"- said in unison all the controls and happily it started to create with airlinesCHOPs. So that the current PMC, technically began with airlines, We continued to grow in the form ofCHOPs when most of these airlines. by the way, some plus to society from this in the end was, precisely because of this practice and the institution has grown Federal Aviation Marshals, the benefit of which has been very.

And the current severe "operators"Grew out of the then pilots, which began a voluntary-forced to teach the use of weapons and practical shooting for woodcock.

but, practice showed the viciousness of this decision, because brave crew, usually, not wanted, even for a fee to arrange tactical duel with much better armed, and most importantly - prepared opponent. So we had to just such CHOPs Create a group for "cargo tracking«. And just because these same groups, consisted, how selection, from severe Veterans various wars, suddenly realized, that civilian the ability to shoot for 300 yards at night Hooke any egg on selection nifiga not appreciated, and grow "ears" of the current operators PMC.

And it was these same groups and began to fail and take loads, accompany operatives. A concept first appeared in the world "Streak for security"The state.

Now all this has come already before, that the volume of services PMC on the world market, wars drove smoothly to 60%. I, of course, can not claim, everything was just. Finally, we must not forget, that besidesUSA We played on a world map and other countries, but the overall appearance of the principle of PMC in fact, such is the. For example, from the same British PMC emerged on the same principle, Only on the basis of maritime shipping companies. So do not be surprised, that almost all successful PMC, before reaching the present day, it is based on the transport business.

The modern history of PMCs. Easy reading for the evening | Last Day Club

From such a fun historical information.

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