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Video of the PMCs in the world
Legends of PMCs. Executive Outcomes. (eng)
Army Blog on top of PMCs in the world
SophieCo. War for the money
“Voice of America” the deaths of fighters in Syria PMC Wagner. Video
About caught in “Malhama Tactical” jihadists, citizens of Belarus. (video)
Video from Syria
Tactical and fire training Malhama Tactical (video)
Video: journey to Training Center legendary ACADEMI (ex. BLACKWATER)
European Security Academy (THAT) – Tactical seminar in Ukraine
Video: Private Military Course at ESA – European Security Academy in Poland
The interaction of private military companies (PMC) and armed forces around the world.
Ukrainian film “contractors. risk zone”
Ukrainian film “contractors. risk zone” (video)
RealWorld Tactical Fitness Tactical Training Program (FITTAC)
Lessons From Iraq Help US Troops Train Ukrainians
Private Military Contractor European Security Academy
Private military companies - a promising tool in the wars of a new kind
Training Academy US private company formerly known as Black Water
private army. Business in the war.
Film “mercenaries”
Private military companies of the Russian Federation: which serves professional killers - Insider, 31.03 (Ukrainian version) – VIDEO
Dawn of private military companies (video ENG)
soldiers rental (The documentary of the first channel)
TV "red line". Special Report "Private Military Companies"
Preparation of private operators
Preparation of private operators
Film “Superpower for hire: the flourishing of private military companies”. The film is in English.