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Thematic video
Dynamic protection of tanks
Shack-12! (FOOD-12) Shooting and great review 12,7 mm caliber assault complex automata
"Warrior" – soldier of the future. He is already in service!
weapon Special mission! Knight CH best pistol gun in the history of Russian weapons! PP 19 01
TOS-1A "Solntsepok" and the Russian Special Operations Forces in Syria.
Blogger Michael wormwood on the last fight PMCs Wagner. Video
Risk Training
Lecture for the special forces officers: briefing Mines
Mines and traps
Unknown feat Russian Marines in Syria.
Humor: Kalash shit,Glushak shit, belt shit is still shit
AK or SVD? Who breaks the rail?

Combined arms body armor or plate carrier. WHAT TO CHOOSE?

Private military companies in Russia, view from the other side of the ocean
In Iraq, the famous sharpshooter killed, destroyed more than three hundred militants LIH.
Special Forces Brazil
tactical cartoon. Cat Shit One
REN TV on PMCs and mercenaries. Video
Fundamentals of marksmanship from the ORB “Sparta”
French special forces
Instructor Zero (video)
PNV new generation
instruction. Equipment
Shooting Twaron from RATNIK TACTICAL of Makarov and the Glock
A selection of instructional videos about the tactical reloading AK
Konstantin Lazarev: An overview of the flame arrester "Krymsk"
The interaction of private military companies (PMC) and armed forces around the world.
MikroRoni from the CAA - Part One
Автомат Калашникова против бронированного MB GL-Class
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