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Blogger Michael wormwood on the last fight PMCs Wagner. Video

“I do not think, that after this fight Wagner PMC will recover and continue to work in the same status, wrote in his “LiveJournal” known Russian blogger Michael wormwood. – Maybe our power and money will no longer be used for holding dirty business people, who love and know how to fight. Maybe in our country legalized PMCs.
And I do not oblige our government to give the US response, as did the Soviet Union under the scheme “+1”. Even a symmetric response, do not ask. I want to, to every soldier Russia, dead even on someone else's war, and not as part of the Armed Forces, but at the invitation of this war by our special services, was buried, as it should be a soldier, and took his place in history.

And I want to quote from Strelkov.

“Yes, mercenaries. But this RUSSIAN PEOPLE. And many of them had fought (voluntarily and free of charge) for Russia in Donbas. And would be ready to fight again, be an opportunity. Many are pushed to hire a need. it – our losses. Every Russian soldier, which killed or maimed in Syria – loss for the army, which, probably, I have to defend the homeland very soon. I do not endorse or approve of their choice, as many times wrote. but it does not mean, that should gloat”.



A number of important moments in the interview.

1. It was not the PMCs in the general sense of the word. People sign a contract with the campaign “euro polis” and went on civilian occupations, like locksmiths, surveyors, topografisty etc..

2. The operation involved three assault squad. “Spring” – former "Karpaty", which consisted of residents of Donbass and the Russians, who participated in the fighting in the Donbas. 2 detachment and 5th. Not authorized by company 121 human, and the assault force. State of each of them - 350 human. In each of their units had their own equipment, zushki such as the Urals and BRDM. As in the operations involved bronnegruppa with T-72 tanks and artillery battalion of M-30. Promised air defense cover, but it was not. Local in the convoy was virtually no. Objects directly stormed the "Spring". 2-and 5 Detachment stood in the column on the way, waiting for the command. Almost immediately after the assault began shelling. Communication for a long time there was no. source says, that mortars 120th but could be wrong. Then there was the bombing attacks. Accuracy of getting prohibitive. At the source of the eyes of the missile accurately hit the BRDM. About four o'clock in the morning the column remnants ironed turntables. At the output of the remnants of divisions again nakrali air strikes. Back to the crossing of the whole armored group got only one tank. All stayed there artillery battalion. One calculation was hit directly in BC.

3. About losses source says, that more than two hundred people died from his unit. And it is considering, that his party did not participate in the assault. On this basis,, I can easily believe in the figure 600 dead.

4. Sides with the wounded was a lot of. They carried not only in Moscow and Moscow Region, but Peter and Rostov. We must pay tribute. The evacuation was operational (what were brought in and) and high-level treatment.

5. About Photo & Video. Everyone who signed a strict ban on shooting. In smartphones establish a special program, which blocks the recorder and the camera.

Add an opinion. The Kurds do not like to publish reports on its destruction of the enemy. Americans know exactly for whom the work and of course they have a shot. I think, that the publication of the complete defeat of the consolidated group of Russian contract and the number of victims is not in their favor, too. This could rally all patriots of Putin, even being in opposition to it. And the United States really do not want to be in the image of a bloodthirsty enemy Russia, as it was in the USSR.

But our authorities just hate to , to the truth of the incident leaked out. Abundance clumsy fakes, which are easy to expose propagandony staff - excellent and already proven method of blurring the truth and discredit any information about the occurred event.

The main objective of propagandonov, as I think, it does not even cover the number of dead, and a global goal - to introduce the man in the street in the brain thought, PMCs that Wagner did not exist and if there were Russians, it is only a part of FAC and SSO. that, certainly you know the way, that the subject will not only defend the Kurds, but Americans. Personally, I have a feeling, that boys stupidly driven to the slaughter. The only question is who needs it. Probably, currently at the top, in the Kremlin towers, there is a real Maidan, who naively expect the capital's streets.

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