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Shack-12! (FOOD-12) Shooting and great review 12,7 mm caliber assault complex automata

Shack-12! (FOOD-12) Shooting and more reviews 12,7 MM large-caliber assault Automaton COMPLEX

The long-awaited review of the live-fire from large-caliber assault automatic AL-12 (Shaq-12 - assault submachine complex) production of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau.

12,7 mm machine Assault Launcher (FOOD-12) part of the assault submachine complex (Shack-12) together with special cartridges and additional accessories.

This sample was developed weapons to fight with the enemy being under the influence of strong psychotropic drugs or a protected individual means of body armor (Body armor, helmet). Automatic assault able to conduct as a single and fully automatic fire at a distance of up to 300 meters and at this distance holder retains all of its amazing properties.


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