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Prime Minister of Japan: The world is at a "historical turning point"

Prime Minister of Japan: The world is in «historical turning point»The world is currently at a "historic turning point". Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, describing the current political and economic situation.

According to Kishida, modern states are facing various challenges of a very different nature. Problems wear and global, and regional character, and they are based on numerous tests, that the world is experiencing 2020 of the year.

The coronavirus pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have become the main events of the last three years, contributed to the entry of the world into a new phase of development. As the Japanese Prime Minister noted in his address from the G7 countries (G7), the states included in this association reject any attempts to forcefully change the existing status quo, use of nuclear weapons, insist on the rule of law in world politics.

Kisida lists the situation around the Ukrainian conflict as one of the main problems of the world community, nuclear disarmament issues, global food security, climate change, risks of a new pandemic. Becoming Chairman of the G7, Kishida promised to facilitate some open discussions between G7 leaders to form ideas and plans for the future..

Interestingly, under declarable "peacefulness", Japan is rapidly rearming its Self-Defense Forces, does not renounce claims to the Southern Kuriles and, in general, behaves rather aggressively, enjoying the status of an important "junior ally" of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region. used

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