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The White House did not see the interest of Belarus in joining the Russian NWO

The White House did not see the interest of Belarus in joining the Russian NWOWashington did not see the interest of Belarus in participating in a special operation in Ukraine and the readiness of Minsk to send Belarusian troops to join the Russian. John Kirby, White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator.

Speaking at the next briefing, Kirby answered a number of questions from reporters, concerning the Russian special operation and the possible participation of Belarus in it. According to a White House spokesman, the Joe Biden administration has no evidence of Minsk preparing to participate in the NWO, Washington does not see Lukashenka's interest in joining the hostilities.

Besides, The United States has no evidence of the transfer of Russian hypersonic missiles to Belarus, what Kyiv has repeatedly stated. According to Ukraine, Russia allegedly deployed MiG-31 interceptors with a hypersonic system to Belarusian airfields “Dagger”.

I cannot confirm the reports of the deployment of hypersonic missiles in Belarus. The United States also sees no indication that, that the Belarusian military is interested in being involved in hostilities in Ukraine- Kirby stated.

About, that Belarus will not participate in the special operation of the Russian army, Lukashenka has stated more than once. According to him, Minsk has a different task, which consists in protecting the borders of the Union State and preventing Russia from being stabbed in the back. Therefore, the Belarusian army is focused on protecting the western borders, but does not forget about the Ukrainian.

Meanwhile, in Kyiv they do not stop asserting, that Russia and Belarus are preparing a joint attack on Kyiv, for this, forming a joint grouping.

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