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How to survive in any conditions

How to survive in any conditions How to survive in any conditions, – topic of many dissertations and research. Attention deserves the theory of a multi-layered approach, which can be compared to clothes with several layers, which keeps out the cold very well..

The main rule: “If you want to survive, learn to quickly adapt to any changes”. Because the most constant thing in the world is change.. Skills and experience can be honed in various wilderness hikes. At first, the tourist is only interested in simple questions.: How to light a fire and keep warm?», How to find accommodation, if you get lost?», How to save yourself from a nuclear explosion?». Over time, the list of problems and questions has expanded a lot.. There are many hidden situations, which require no less preparation and, above all, awareness.

But practice shows, no matter what courses we take, no matter how much they know about the problem, in the face of real danger, a person folds. Impressive experience behind does not guarantee survival success. What works? Theory + practice = life.

Experts identify the main problem: We do not know, from which direction the threat will come and how exactly it is necessary to defend. Even leading experts failed to predict, world wars and pandemic. So let's get ready, based on general algorithms of actions.

Knowledge is not useless. Use whatever is at hand, to survive. There are many TV shows about detectives on TV., agents, who can get out of any situation, even seemingly completely hopeless. What unites all heroes is the desire to survive, avoid complications. The main thing is not to panic and soberly assess the situation.

In case of danger, a survival kit will help. You need to have as many useful things as possible with you., keep the rest at home. The set includes water, documents, Remedies, comfortable and durable clothing. List varies by location, environmental conditions.

For each person, “layering” consists of, what is attached to the body (1 layer), a bag, backpack (2 layer), weekly survival kit with first aid kit, products, medications (3 layer), equipment, which can be taken by car. Source Survivor

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