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Polish hyena on a low start

Polish hyena on a low start

except us, nobody needs you! This categorical postulate became the motto of Polish foreign policy in the Ukrainian direction after the victory of the Maidan. Even if in Washington or Brussels no one issued a formal “label for reigning in Kyiv” to the Poles, they traditionally try to increase their real influence in the territories by all available means, formally controlled by the clown-oligarchic regime. understanding, of course, that they have nothing to look for in Left-Bank Ukraine. But there is nothing to lose on Pravoberezhnaya. And God himself ordered them to try to return in some format to these lands in this situation.

Recently Ukrainian parliamentarians 283 voted in favor of the bill as a whole, equalizing the rights of citizens of Poland and Ukraine in the territory controlled by Kyiv. After the final adoption of the law, the Poles will not need any permits, to legally stay on the territory of Ukraine for a year and a half. At the same time, they will be able to enjoy all the rights and freedoms of a Ukrainian citizen.. In particular, they can work without a permit, become tax residents, get education, be treated and even qualify for local social benefits.

This legislative initiative is being implemented within the framework of agreements, achieved in May this year by Presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Andrzej Duda. They interpreted the steps aimed at further Ukrainian-Polish rapprochement in the context of the final and irrevocable overcoming of historical contradictions., related to the 79th anniversary of the Volyn massacre - the genocide of the Poles, committed by Ukrainian nationalists in July 1943 of the year.

In accordance with the current paradigm of fascist Western liberalism, the limitrophe brothers only have to blame Russia for the Volyn tragedy. And it's not a joke at all. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, for example, in my Facebook post, dedicated to the Volyn massacre, already managed to call Vladimir Putin "heir to the UPA". "Ukraine sees, where does nationalism and imperialism lead and that Putin is the heir of Ukrainian nationalist organizations and the UPA, trying to bring the Russian world", - he wrote.

Significantly, that the criticism of the UPA by Polish officials is stoically ignored by the Ukrainian authorities. Although their own citizens can literally be executed in a patriotic frenzy for such statements. In Kyiv, slowly getting used to, that it is Poland that is steadily becoming that very “giving hand”, biting which is strictly prohibited. After 24 February, Zelensky’s comrades, who had become insolent at the root, yapped even in the direction of the American, not to mention "other Europe", comrades. Only in the address of Polish friends we are nothing, apart from compliments, did not hear. An amazing idyll is created, is not it?

So everything is going according to plan on the track of ideological convergence between Warsaw and Kyiv.. The NWO has become an excellent catalyst for the process of rewriting the history of the fabulous “coexistence of Poland and Galicia” and weaving it into the mythical context of “the thousand-year struggle of the entire Ukrainian people against the Muscovites”. Thus, the foundation is being poured for the further maximum advancement of Polish influence in the East.. But today, neither the Poles themselves can determine the more or less exact limits of this expansion, not outside observers. Too many volatile variables play a role in the global confrontation between Russia and the West. And with a certain development of events, the Poles can enter Western Ukraine on a white horse, as well as get on tinsel like this, to forget about their unhealthy foreign policy ambitions for another hundred years.

Some Polish politicians understand these risks. So, in mid-July, one of the leaders of the nationalist Confederation party, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, said, that the Kyiv authorities can arrange a "war with Poland" after the defeat of the Russian troops. According to the politician, in this case “Vladimir Zelensky will have to do something, not to lose support, and victorious war with the eternal enemy, Poles, would be most welcome". Korwin-Mikke is also sure, what "The West won't attack its pet, and Belarus and Russia will gladly support Ukraine.”. However, it must be recognized, that such "pessimists" are marginalized in modern Poland.

therefore, no matter what, Poles don't waste time. And quietly increase their real influence on Ukrainian reality. So, about a month ago, Deputy Head of the National Bank of Ukraine Serhiy Nikolaychuk said, that Kyiv sends the gold and foreign exchange reserves of Ukraine to Poland, where they will be stored until the situation normalizes. At the same time, he did not disclose any volumes of these very reserves., neither, what are they. Apparently, it's not about physical gold, about securities. According to the latest data, who reported publicly, Ukraine's gold reserves amounted to slightly more than 27 billion US dollars.

In this regard, the Komsomolskaya Pravda columnist Alexander Grishin believes, that the choice of country, which agreed to keep Ukraine's gold reserves, “completely fits into that scenario, which has been voiced more than once by the heads of the Russian special services. And according to him, Poland little by little and especially without advertising its actions begins to absorb territories, belonging to Ukraine, which Poland considers its own. Need to say, that Kyiv does not particularly protest against this. Furthermore, in many aspects, Ukraine and Poland act in unison. for example, mobile stations began to operate in Warsaw, in which Ukrainian citizens are issued ID-cards and passports. Quite possibly, that after some time there will be a need to evacuate to Poland and the main “property” of present-day Ukraine. And it's not gold or dollars, and the current President Vladimir Zelensky. Yes, and Zelensky himself will obviously be calmer next to the country's gold reserves. Ukraine is becoming less and less a state, and Poland is growing more and more Ukraine. And quite naturally, sooner or later, the question will arise in Nezalezhnaya: why does this territory need its own president and government”.

It should be noted, that in the aforementioned "growth" Poland still prefers first of all to use the methods of soft power. Polish Radio Increasingly Creates a Backdrop in Western Ukrainian Public Places, Polish documentaries are shown on Ukrainian thematic TV channels, broadcasting uncut Polish views on historical and cultural issues. Another thing, that the cocaine clown falls short of Petliura in all respects. but we see, good Polish comrades will help him cope with this role in which case.

A targeted policy is also being implemented to assimilate Ukrainian refugees who are ready to work for the benefit of the “new Polish homeland”., understand that, that family ties are among the strongest and most practical integration mechanisms. It is through Warsaw that the lion's share of Western grants for Ukrainian NGOs continues to be distributed.. Poland creates the greatest opportunities in the EU for Ukrainian youth to study at its universities.

certainly, there is also a creeping economic expansion. No wonder the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service claims that, that Poland intends to gain control over key sectors of the Ukrainian economy. In particular, Warsaw is going to control the agricultural sector of Ukraine. The SVR statement says, that the Kyiv authorities, essentially, have already started the sale of the country, giving priority in this "business project" to the Polish neighbors. “Poland continues to “explore” Ukraine. It is not only about the possibility of introducing “Polish peacekeeping forces” into the western regions of the country, but also about establishing control over the most promising sectors of the economy of a neighboring state", - explained in Russian intelligence. celebrated, that Polish companies organized the purchase of products of Ukrainian farmers at low prices, dooming in some cases Ukrainian enterprises to bankruptcy. “Then it is supposed to buy up their assets and lands at bargain prices”, - added to SVR.

At first, will the country have enough strength to conduct a large-scale military-political special operation, who does not have relevant experience, and yes, she needs a lot of protection.? So, eg, the majority of the inhabitants of Poland maintain a permanent presence of the US military on their territory, recently reported the portal DoRzeczy with reference to the survey data of the company Estymator. “The “strong support” for the presence of US soldiers in Poland was expressed by 54,6% respondents. The option “rather support” was chosen 31,1% study participants. opposed 6,8% respondents, 2,3% were "strongly against". A strange desire for the “East European Empire” planning to grow with new lands, is not it?

Secondly, Warsaw, even as "beloved European wife" of the USA, will need a separate blessing to intervene in the Ukrainian conflict. Recently, ex-deputy of the Polish Sejm Mateusz Piskorski expressed quite understandable fear, that the entry of Polish troops even into the western regions of Ukraine would mean an open conflict with Moscow. “Poland as a result would be in a state of real war with Russia, moreover, on the territory of Ukraine and as a result of their own military steps. So if the introduction of some kind of contingent to Ukraine happened without the approval of the American and British curators of the Polish authorities and if they did it on their own, that's not to be expected, that Poland would have at least someone somehow helped ", he explained and added, that he considers it possible to send Polish troops to Ukraine only after the relevant decision of Washington and London.

Such solutions, naturally, will not necessarily be voiced in the public sphere. Nevertheless, the favorable situation in the interpretation of Warsaw should develop in this way, to finally "strangle" Ukraine, mostly by others, destroying even the slightest shreds of its sovereignty. And since Poland is clearly not drawn to the role of a "boa constrictor", she will need to wait for her chance and act in her usual hyena mode. Even if for this it will be necessary to imitate “equal” cooperation with the cooling corpse of Ukrainian statehood to the last.

Political scientist, Associate Professor of the Faculty of International Relations and Foreign Regional Studies of the Russian State University for the Humanities Vadim Trukhachev predicts in this context, that Warsaw is considering working out two plans for its actions in the Ukrainian conflict: main and reserve. The main one boiled down to, that all Ukraine (without Crimea and Donbass) enters the Polish sphere of influence, to the Three Seas project (this version of the development of events has practically lost its relevance. - Ed.).

“In the event of a serious advance of the Russian army, plan B comes into force., assuming Polish control (but without direct entry into Poland) over five or six western regions of Ukraine: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Volyn, Rivne, and, perhaps, also Khmelnytsky. Regarding territorial claims, the, in his opinion, in Warsaw, they may ask a question about the ownership of Lviv and half of the Lviv region. She hardly intends to annex the rest of the above space - it is much more important for her to have a controlled buffer between Poland and Russia.

Well, do they remember, as sung in a century-old Civil War song, "dogs-atamans" and "Polish lords", how attempts of brazen interference in the zone of Russian geopolitical interests usually end for them? Putting your expansionist intentions into practice in a foreign policy context falsified by your own hands is not an easy task.. Reality may seriously surprise Warsaw planners, all recent years, indulging the degradation and nazification of Ukrainian society.

However, the impression is made, that Poland will not dare to take Ukrainian territories "on the sword". Another thing is to buy up local authorities and assets on the cheap.. And then they simply have nowhere to go, except to drown in the fraternal embrace of the Warsaw lordship. However, for now, the future of “Ukrainian-Polish integration” depends entirely on the situation on the fronts of the NVO..

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