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Destruction of another American M777 howitzer in Donbas confirmed

Destruction of another American M777 howitzer in Donbas confirmedWhile the Ukrainian side continues to deny losses among the delivered NATO weapons, there is increasing evidence of this kind of loss. Among these losses is another M777 howitzer, destroyed by Russian troops in one of the areas of the special military operation in the Donbass.

Photo evidence of the destruction of the American-made howitzer is published by the reporters of "Russian Spring" on their TG channel.

In the photo you can see that, what remains of another American howitzer, which in the Donbass was nicknamed "three axes".

You can see in the frames, that the arrival was accurate. As a result of the hit, the howitzer turned into separate fragments of partial burnt metal.

Destruction of another American M777 howitzer in Donbas confirmed

Recall, a month or two ago, the Ukrainian leadership announced that, that the US decision to supply M777 howitzers "will soon lead to a turning point on the fronts". Now the Ukrainian side has to convince its overseas sponsors that, that there were no losses among the heavy equipment supplied by those, including howitzers M777 and MLRS HIMARS, no.

reported, that the destruction of an American-made 155-mm howitzer occurred near Seversk as a result of a counter-battery fight. In addition to the American howitzer, Ukrainian troops lost several more pieces of heavy equipment in this area.. The surviving Ukrainian soldiers retreated into the city, which actually leads to their blocking by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the People's Militia. used photos:TG-channel of reporters of "Russian Spring"

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