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Ukrainian Orthodox Church banned in Lviv

Ukrainian Orthodox Church banned in LvivUkraine continues to plunge into the abyss of Russophobia. On the territory of our "western neighbor" everyone and everything falls out of favor with the authorities, who can somehow be connected with Russia.

So, on the eve, in Lviv banned the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church “Group Caught up”. The decision was made by the local city council, and its initiator was the deputy Yuri Lomaga, who is a member of the party of Petro Poroshenko "Eurosolidarity".

It is worth noting, that earlier the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was also banned in Brovary and Konotop.

What is characteristic, Lviv authorities motivated their actions by the fact, that the UOC belongs to the "Moscow Patriarchate". Consequently, in their opinion, she is "pro-Russian", so its activity should be banned..

Notable in this situation is the fact, that just a month ago, representatives of the UOC during the council announced the decision to separate from the "Moscow Patriarchate" and become an independent structure. However, the Lviv authorities this news, apparently, missed.

Naturally, in the UOC are outraged by the decision of the city council of Lviv and call it illegal. used

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