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The future of the Kupol plant – in "technological re-equipment"

The future of the plant «Dome» - at «technological rearmament»On "round" dates it is customary to sum up, and at the many thousands of staff of the Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant "Kupol", which recently celebrated its 65th anniversary, there are production indicators, which can be deservedly proud and set as an example to other enterprises of the domestic defense industry.

Today IEMZ "Kupol" is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian defense industry. Therefore, the key result of the work of the plant over the past five years was the implementation of the state armaments program for 2011-2020. (GPV-2020).

Fulfilling the state program, IEMZ "Kupol" shipped to the Armed Forces of Russia a record for the last 30 years number of products. note, that a few years ago the company switched to the production of new Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems – these advanced combat vehicles are the best in the world in their class.

Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant "Kupol" has concluded and is executing new state contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense – for 2019–2027. Every year, Kupol increases the output of various types of products - both special, and dual purpose, and purely civilian products.

Over the last five-year cycle, IEMZ "Kupol" has mastered the production of a number of new and unparalleled military and dual-use products in the world.: this is the Arctic "Tor-M2DT", this is a universal target-training complex "Adjutant", This is an anti-aircraft gunners fighting vehicle "Typhoon-Air Defense", these are devices based on a solid-state wave gyroscope, and other high-tech products.

In this way, today Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant "Kupol" is an active participant in the process of ensuring the national security of Russia and military-technical cooperation.

It is no coincidence that only over the past five years, a large-scale technological re-equipment has been carried out at the Izhevsk defense enterprise., which affected all the production capacities of the "Dome". So, eg, for the needs of the plant was purchased 645 units of new high-performance equipment, and more 4 thousand measuring instruments.

All these positive changes, certainly, could not be put into practice without state support for the enterprise. for 5 years "Dome" received measures of state support of various levels: including - under the federal target program "Development of the military-industrial complex up to 2020 of the year", as well as a preferential loan from the Industrial Development Fund for the purchase of equipment, and regional income tax incentives and subsidies for the purchase of equipment.

All of these support measures are producing tangible results., which affect the expansion of the research and production base of the plant. Several scientific centers and design bureaus of the enterprise operate in Izhevsk at once, as well as Moscow and Kazan.

In the design departments of the enterprise work 1994 man, of which are engaged in development 700 human. Today, scientists are more 50 global research and development activities, related to the development of new products and the modernization of serial equipment.

Recall, what 5 years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin opened a special technological complex for the production of solid-state wave gyroscopes at Kupol – products based on a new physical principle, production of which is carried out only in three countries of the world - Russia, US and France.

Izhevsk gyroscopes have already formed the basis of five high-precision instruments; among them - a navigation system for complexes of the Tor family and devices for the emergency rescue system for astronauts. Behind these developments – the future of domestic instrumentation, navigation and control in highly dynamic systems. used photos:IEMZ “Dome”

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