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How to cook an ear on a fire

How to cook an ear on a fire On a hike, many people cook fish soup on a fire. According to popular wisdom: "One fish will feed a man for one day. The ability to fish will provide him with food for life.. Razbiraemsya, how to cook delicious soup.

Fish soup has been known in ancient Russia since the 11th century., had several varieties (white, red, triple). Suitable for cooking pike perch, ersh, sig, perch, crucian, carp, carp, trout, we found, halibut, cod and others. Some cooks note an unpleasant aftertaste when cooking from ram, bychkov, mackerel. They are not used for cooking..

According to the cooking technology, the ear is distinguished:

  • national team;
  • Plastovaya;
  • Sweet;
  • Bulk.

In addition to fish, mushrooms are added to the yushka, potatoes, carrot, eggs, seasonings and herbs, dried and fried fish.

To cook the most delicious, fragrant ear, need:

  • Water – 2 l;
  • Fish - 1,5 kg;
  • Bulb - 2 PC.;
  • Potato - 3-4 PC.;
  • Carrot, parsnip, parsley - by 1 PC.;
  • Bay leaf, tarragon, dill, parsley, salt, pepper - to taste.

The cooking process will not take much time, about 1 o'clock:

  1. Prepare all ingredients: clear, wash, slice. Separate the fish fillet according to the width 3-6 cm.
  2. Put peeled into boiling water, chopped vegetables, roots. Add fish heads and tails, chopped onion.
  3. After 10 minutes of cooking strain the broth through cheesecloth. Return vegetables to soup.
  4. Put on fire, throw in the fillet and cook some more 15 minutes without boiling.
  5. Add greenery, spice, to cover with a lid, remove from fire.

Some practical cooking tips:

  • Use cast iron, stainless steel fire utensils. At home, an enamel pan is suitable, clay pots;
  • To improve the taste, water is taken from the river, where the caught fish swam;
  • It is not recommended to add water during the cooking process., butter, flavors, cereal.

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