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Biggest terrorist attack in Afghanistan since US withdrawal

Biggest terrorist attack in Afghanistan since US withdrawal
Reports of another terrorist attack come from Afghanistan. A powerful explosion thundered in the city of Kunduz (northern part of the country).

According to the latest data, an explosive device went off in one of the local mosques. Moreover - in the Shiite mosque.

By the most conservative estimates, the victims of the explosion were about 100 people - the vast majority of local men.

The explosion thundered during the Friday prayer, especially revered in the Muslim world. Respectively, this may indicate, What do you want, who organized the attack, nothing to do with religion, including Muslim, Dont Have.

Local media report that, that the terrorist attack in Kunduz was currently the largest since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Residents talk about, that there is an acute shortage of donor blood in the city, not enough ambulances. Many wounded died an hour and a half after the explosion, never received emergency help from doctors.

Recall, that since August of this year, Kunduz has been controlled by the Taliban (*terrorist group, banned in Russia). At the same time, the Taliban * themselves declare, that foreign special services could be behind the attack, who benefit from "presenting the new authorities of Afghanistan as terrorists, or at least as incapable of resisting terrorists".

Kunduz doctors talk about, that the number of victims of a terrorist attack in a mosque may increase, since not all the wounded have been (including hard) delivered to city clinics.

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