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How to provide all Russians with free housing

How to provide all Russians with free housing

election is over, it's time to make unpopular decisions. maybe, even unfair from someone's point of view. As Goethe rightly pointed out, the acting conscience has no conscience, only the observer has a conscience. Consequently, if we want to do something important, we will have to temporarily forget about conscience. The plan is as follows.. We introduce an additional tax in 5 thousand rubles from each Russian. 2. With this money, the state builds free apartments.3. We distribute free apartments as the themes are built, who needs them. For young families with children, eg, or workers, who came from other cities. 4. So that apartments are evenly distributed, we give them only to those, who has less 8 square meters per person. You live four in a one-room apartment, you don't need an apartment. You live in a one-room apartment with five of you - everything is all right, get in line.5. To prevent developers from raising prices, коммерческую продажу квартир ограничиваем — квартиры разрешаем покупать за деньги только льготникам и очередникам. for example, the, who has less 10 квадратных метров на человека.6. We allow large enterprises to build their own homes, to motivate employees for a long and loyal service. Chopped off 25 years as an engineer at Roscosmos for a salary in 20 thousand, you are welcome, переезжай из общаги в личную однокомнатную квартиру в новом доме.7. Бесплатные квартиры выдаём не в собственность, а в пожизненный найм. Чтобы никто не мог завещать квартиру внучке, which, may be, and does not need additional square meters at all.. When receiving a new apartment from the state, the old apartment (smaller area) will need to be returned. When emigrating abroad, too.. To prevent people from misusing the system, we are modernizing the registration institute. Only those who will be able to apply for a free apartment in Moscow, who will have an official Moscow residence permit. And you can only register your close relative in your apartment.. We build housing primarily in places of interest to the state. for example, in the vicinity of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline - there, where builders and engineers are needed. As you can see, these measures will not only allow every Russian to acquire housing, but will also increase the birth rate. Young couples will rush to give birth to one or two children as soon as possible, since this will be the only way to move out of the parents. After the birth of children, the footage per family member will decrease, and they will get the right to get in line. At first glance it may seem, that the proposed plan has some advantages, however, it is worth mentioning the cons. So, for example, it will be necessary to strengthen the fight against corruption - some will want to move faster in the queue for a bribe, or, let us say, it is illegal to register in a city of interest to them, to have the right to an apartment there. The quality of housing will also decrease - with guaranteed sales, builders will no longer pay much attention to the quality of work. However, all this is complete nonsense compared to the main. The state will distribute free apartments, and only for 5 thousand rubles per month from each Russian.

Oleg Makarenko

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