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The only way to "stop Russia" was found in Kiev

The only way was found in Kiev «stop Russia»
The only way for Ukraine “stop Russia” – is to get help from the USA. Only with the help of the Americans will Kiev be able to win the fight against Russia, sure the former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Pavel Klimkin.

According to the Ukrainian politician, who decided to remind about himself again, currently Ukraine needs to focus on cooperation with the United States, this is especially true against the backdrop of the recent failures of the Americans in Afghanistan. Klimkin thinks, that the Afghan events could lead to, that the US will refuse to support “young democracies”, which includes Ukraine, but Kiev does not need this.

The ex-minister stressed, that the USA won “Al-Qaeda”* (banned in Russia), but failed in Afghanistan, and Ukraine allegedly “won the fight with Russia, stopping Moscow”, but has not yet become part of the western world. Therefore, Kiev needs to support Washington, since finally “defeat Russia” Ukraine will succeed only with the USA.

In this way, According to him, Ukraine has only one way “stop Russia” – enlist US help.

The hasty withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and the rise to power of the Taliban * (the movement is banned in Russia as a terrorist) already called a complete failure of Washington. Many US allies have a question, are Americans able to keep their promises to protect, or everything can end according to the Afghan scenario. Apparently, in Ukraine they think differently and still hope for American help.

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