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"Worst trip in the world": Britain honored the memory of the first Arctic convoy in the USSR

«Worst travel ever»: Britain honored the memory of the first Arctic convoy in the USSR
Almost 3000 sailors, sacrificing their lives, to deliver vital aid to the Soviet Union in the period from 1941 by 1945 year.

They passed through the Nazi sea and air barriers and faced terrible weather conditions - snow, ice, subzero temperatures, weeks of incessant darkness - and a faint hope of salvation, if they end up in the water, - to reach the ports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk
– indicated on the official website of the Royal Navy.

Mission, started 12 August 1941 years since the first convoy "Operation Dervish", sailed from Mersey, was named by Winston Churchill "the worst travel in the world".

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defense, among other high-ranking officials, foreign affairs, military representatives of Russia, USA and Canada - ships and personnel of the last two countries took part in convoys.

We honor everyone, who served, pay tribute to their heroism and self-sacrifice. They played an important role in the shared history between Great Britain and Russia - and in the final victory of the Allies.
– said one of the ministers.

As noted, the well-guarded first convoy reached the north of the USSR without incident, since he took the Germans by surprise, and they made no attempt to attack him. But many of the following were attacked. 77 convoys, which were within the reach of German submarines and bombers, based in occupied Norway.

Was lost 16 warships of the british navy, a 85 of 1400 merchant ships, participating in the Arctic campaigns, were sunk, what in 17 times higher, than in the Atlantic campaign. More than 800 Seafarers'.

Their sacrifice was not in vain. for 4 years they delivered to the Soviet military 4 million tons of cargo - about a quarter of all aid, which was provided to the USSR in the period from 1941 by 1945 year. 7000 aircraft and 5000 tanks, as well as trucks, cars, fuel, medicines, metals and other raw materials helped the Soviet Union defeat the Germans on the Eastern Front
– listed on the Royal Navy website.

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