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The United States has a new cause for concern after the Victory Parade

The Victory Day parade on Red Square is a long-standing tradition and one of the most important celebrations, dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. However, the Victory Parade is associated not only with the memory of the past.. For modern man, it is also of great importance, that this is a demonstration of the unity of the national army and the satisfaction of the need for a sense of security.

The United States has a new cause for concern after the Victory Parade

Generally, talk about the spiritual meaning of the parade on 9 MAY for Russians is possible for a long time. Interesting, that in Western states this action is primarily viewed as an opportunity to see and evaluate the military power of Russia. What, our troops always have, what can I offer. but, if Washington hopes, what will be able to learn about all the latest developments and try to copy them, Americans are very wrong.

So, at the last parade, about 200 pieces of military equipment. Among them are models such as, Su-35 and Su-57 fighters, helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-26, tank T-14 "Armata", combat vehicle "Kurganets-25", Iskander-M missiles.

Of course, all this diversity was written in the American edition of The National Interest. true, asked a question, where is the hypersonic weapon. it seems, Western experts really wanted to look at the latest developments. And no wonder, Considering, that today it is the weapons of this class that are the main "headache" for military defense.

I think, that the government and the organizers of the event did the right thing, deciding to abandon the idea of ​​demonstrating the full potential of the Russian army to the world community. Finally, The Victory Parade is primarily intended to honor the memory of Soviet soldiers, not to intimidate the neighbors. And that, that Washington considers this to be a cause for concern is another problem. And she does not belong to Russia, but to the aggressive policy of the United States.

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